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Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Research Award

The Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Research Award recognizes a UMMC investigator whose innovative research will directly advance the care of patients in their area of research emphasis. Such work must involve patient-oriented research and outcomes and the work should be widely regarded nationally and internationally.


The recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Research Award will be recognized at the annual Excellence in Research Awards Ceremony and will receive an honorarium of $2,500.


Full-time UMMC faculty member

Nomination criteria

Nominations may be submitted by any UMMC employee via the online nomination form. Nomination materials must include:

  • Letter of recommendation from the nominator that describes the candidate's achievements in clinical research and why this person should receive this award.
  • Letter(s) of support from the candidate's supervisor(s) (division chief, department chair, dean, associate vice chancellor)
  • Candidate's CV, including a complete list of the candidate's publications
  • Summary statement that describes the candidate's accomplishments and includes the most important references to the publications supporting these accomplishments

Review criteria

Candidates will be considered on the basis of their clinical research contributions to the advancement of their specialty; overall impact of these contributions on their field and; demonstration of a commitment to the advancement of medicine through clinical research. Candidates will be scored based off the following criteria:

  • Research accomplishments
    • Impact of clinical discovery
    • Original research in peer-reviewed journals
    • Research support generated through grants and contracts (federal, foundation and industry)
    • Other publications (e.g., review articles, book chapters, editorials)
    • Peer-reviewed research presentations (lecture, abstract, panel)
  • Recognition
    • Peer review journal positions
    • Grant review panel membership
    • Local, regional and national organizational service relating to research
    • National and international speaking invitations
    • Recognition or awards by students, residents, or peers
    • Honors and awards
  • Research mentoring
    • Training of faculty/fellow investigators in clinical research
    • Training of residents/students in clinical research