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Indirect Advances

The Indirect Advance program provides departments with an advance of indirect funds expected for grants earning full indirects that are transferred to UMMC with a newly recruited faculty member. This program is designed to attract funded researchers to UMMC and to allow Deans and Chairs to leverage these resources in offering competitive startup packages to faculty with promising research careers.

Qualifications and guidelines

To be eligible for this program, the following requirements must be met:

  • Request must be submitted prior to the faculty member's transfer
  • Newly recruited faculty member must have a rank of Assistant Professor or higher
  • Transferred funding must pay full indirect costs (currently 52.5%)

Up to 100% of anticipated indirect funds of the transferred award for up to three years may be advanced to the department as a lump sum when the faculty appointment begins, or the funds can be disbursed in installments during the two- to three-year period. In some cases all of the indirect funds associated with the three year period may not be available as a lump sum; this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For grants that do not have three years of funding to transfer, if a new grant or a competing renewal of a transferred grant is received prior to the end of the existing funding, indirects may be advanced to complete the three year advance.

Advanced funds may be used to provide more competitive startup packages for newly recruited investigators and to build research infrastructure for the department.

As indirect costs are "earned" on each eligible grant, they will be transferred back into the University Research account that maintains this program.

How to apply

To request the advance of indirects on transferring grants, complete the Funded Faculty Recruitment application and submit it with a copy of the candidate's CV or biosketch to Leslie Musshafen, executive director of research.