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Increase in Negotiated Institutional Base Salary

UMMC seeks to provide nationally competitive salaries to meritorious faculty in recognition of their excellent research productivity concomitant with maintaining a high level of performance in their respective teaching, service, and administrative duties. A strong core of researchers is essential to achieve the overall mission of the institution. Development of an adequate compensation plan is a crucial component in meeting these goals.

Qualifications and Guidelines

The following eligibility requirements must be met to qualify for this incentive:

  • Full-time faculty with a rank of Assistant Professor or higher
  • Strong evidence of research performance, as determined by:
    • number and amount of research grant applications and extramural research awards
    • payment of full indirect costs on grants obtained
    • limited/no cost sharing or in-kind matching of university funds requested for grants received
  • Demonstrated aptitude in scholarship activities, including a sustained record of publications, peer-reviewed books, papers, and articles in professional journals
  • Recognition by peers for creative contribution to their field as evidenced by wide-spread citation of published works, invitations to present papers at national and international meetings, service on extramural peer-review panels or editorial boards, election to office or other service in professional societies, or having received professional honors
  • High level of performance in other assigned areas, including teaching, service, and administrative duties

Faculty members who participate in this program will carry the additional title of “Research Administrator” and their institutional base salaries (IBS) will include compensation for this service. This IBS is guaranteed by the institution for the contract period and will be negotiated annually during the budget process for implementation on July 1.

The department is responsible for providing this salary for the entire contract period. Unobligated state funds from within the departmental budget may be used toward a negotiated salary for the contract period. When a grant or other non-state salary source ends during the course of the contract period, it is the responsibility of the department to provide salary from an alternate source for the remainder of the contract period.

It is suggested that the negotiated salary will generally include a salary enhancement of at least 15% of the base salary for each of a principal investigator’s (PI’s) qualifying awards and 10% of base salary for co-investigators. The minimum level of effort on an award to be eligible for meritorious research enhancement is 5%. For PIs or directors of extramural awards in excess of $1 million/year in direct costs, it is suggested that the enhancement be at least 30% of the base salary. For co-investigators who lead projects on large awards an enhancement of at least 15% is suggested and for co-investigators who are not project leaders, 10%. In the case of career awards that require large effort commitments, a higher proportion of the negotiated salary may be drawn from the career award and lower proportion from the other awards. These recommendations are based on the assumption that the investigator maintains satisfactory performance in teaching, service, and other administrative assigned duties and maintains accurate time and effort records.

How to Apply
Appointment as a “Research Administrator” with salary is based on the recommendation of the respective chair and/or dean at the department’s annual budget hearing and approval by the Budget Office and the Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs, or his designee. It is recommended that an outline or formal letter of recommendation noting the investigator’s merits be provided at the budget hearing for consideration. A basic template of such a letter is provided in the attached appendix.

UMMC Research does not collect or oversee these recommendations.