Budget Development

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The UMMC threshold for equipment is $5,000 and is defined as a non-expendable capital item of movable or personal property with the following characteristics:

  • Has a useful life expectancy of one year or more
  • Is complete in itself and will retain its identity as a separate item
  • Will not be expended or consumed in research

If an item is less than $5,000 per unit, it should be budgeted as supplies.

Purchased equipment

  • List each item by type, model number and manufacturer. Catalog prices should be listed plus any anticipated price increases (with justification).
  • If equipment needs are not definite, probable choices may be listed on a separate sheet and an estimated total shown on the budget page.
  • Ancillary costs, such as freight and transportation costs, installation and fabrication, that are necessary to place a capital asset into its intended state of operations should be included as part of the equipment cost.
  • Supporting documentation, such as vendor quotes or catalogs, should be retained in your files.

Rental equipment

Each equipment item to be rented should be shown by type, model number and manufacturer along with the current rental rate of each item. Equipment rental is considered a service charge and therefore is subject to F&A.