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Biospecimen Processing

  • biobank---specimen-processing.jpgRequests for biospecimens must be made on the UMMC Biobank Specimen Request Form. Requests must include a completed and signed SRF, a protocol and any other relevant study materials.
  • Specimen request documents are to be sent to
  • Priority will be given based on following criteria:
    • Investigators with federal grant funding (i.e. NIH, DOD, etc)
    • Availability of specimens (requests cannot exceed 50% of current inventory)
    • For Pilot studies/no grant funding: 1 page written justification is required
  • Requests involving fluids will be reviewed by the Biospecimen Utilization Review Committee.
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee registration approval is required for all research studies involving unfixed human or other primate tissues or fluids that are not carried out entirely in Joint Commission regulated clinical space or CAP or CLIA- certified diagnostic facility. Investigators must provide copy of the IBC approval memo or CAP or CLIA Certificate for research lab where work will be performed.
  • A copy of the investigator’s protocol must be submitted with the biospecimen request.  
  • Although IRB approval is not required at time of biospecimen request, IRB approval is required for the release of biospecimens to investigator and a copy must be on file with the UMMC Biobank before any service is rendered. Investigators must submit a copy of their IRB approval to the Regulatory Director, Sheila Belk ( prior to release of any samples and/or services from the Biobank.