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The Molecular and Genomics Core Facility is supported through extramural funding mechanisms such large program awards and R01 awards. This allows us to provide highly competitive prices to institutional and external researchers in Mississippi wanting to conduct genetic and genomic studies.

Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience (CPN)

The CPN is a multidisciplinary research coalition whose primary mission is to facilitate the transition of junior faculty researchers to independent neuroscientists with major research grant support. The CPN emphasizes research dedicated to the generation of knowledge about the relationship between basic neurobiology and clinical psychiatry. This area of research, psychiatric neuroscience, is an exciting field that has contributed many major discoveries regarding the biological basis of behavior. 

Cardiorenal and Metabolic Diseases Research Center (CMDRC)

The CMDRC provides infrastructure for a multidisciplinary group of basic, clinical and population scientists working on the common theme of obesity, cardiorenal and metabolic diseases and to facilitate their collaborations.

Cardiorenal and metabolic diseases are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the U.S., and Mississippi has the highest prevalence in the nation. These disorders usually cluster and are highly interdependent. For example, obesity and associated diabetes may cause cardiovascular and renal disease.

Mississippi Center of Excellence in Perinatal Research (MS-CEPR)

Perinatal research encompasses the study of disease states that may occur during gestation and early postnatal development that can result in long-term consequences in the mother and the offspring. The MS-CEPR focuses on the integrative relationships and disparities in mediating health issues with high prevalence in Mississippi, such as adverse pregnancy and developmental programming of cardiovascular, renal, metabolic and behavioral diseases. The research core will support projects using advanced technology that will assist junior investigators in performing novel research with the aim to obtain preliminary data for submission of an NIH R01.

Mississippi INBRE (MS-INBRE)

Mississippi IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) is a network of colleges and universities, designed to build a biomedical research infrastructure in Mississippi. Our mission is to reach out to Mississippians in order to improve health throughout the state and to engage talented researchers and students in biomedical research projects that will increase the state’s research competitiveness as well as impact the health of citizens of Mississippi. The scientific focus of Mississippi INBRE is obesity, cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.


The MGCF and funding sources should be appropriately cited in research abstracts, presentations, and publications as follows:

“The work performed through the UMMC Molecular and Genomics Facility is supported, in part, by funds from the NIGMS, including Mississippi INBRE (P20GM103476), Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience (CPN)-COBRE (P30GM103328), Obesity, Cardiorenal and Metabolic Diseases- COBRE (P20GM104357) and Mississippi Center of Excellence in Perinatal Research (MS-CEPR)-COBRE (P20GM121334). The content of the manuscript is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.”

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