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MCCTR Funding Opportunities

The Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research (MCCTR) offers two distinct funding programs. Our Investigator Development and Pilot Projects are designed, respectively, to provided structured mentorship and research support to junior faculty members with an interest in clinical, translational and population-based research projects on all major diseases that impact Mississippians, to assist new investigators in gathering research data to become competitive for extramural funding, and to assist in recruiting funded clinical, translational, and population scientists to UMMC. More information on each program is provided below.

MCCTR funding programs

  • The MCCTR Investigator Development Program provides structured mentorship, protected time, and research support-to promote the development of junior faculty to establish independent careers in research on all major diseases that impact Mississippians; enhances the research skills of junior faculty members through courses in the UMMC Master of Science in Clinical Investigation degree program; seeks to increase the number and diversity of junior faculty members pursuing clinical, translational, and population research in all major diseases that impact Mississippians; and supports the development of junior faculty exploring racial disparities in obesity and related disorders in Mississippi.
  • The MCCTR Pilot Projects Program supports clinical, translational and population-based research projects that can become the basis for competitive extramural funding applications. Key considerations in awarding support are the likelihood of attracting extramural funding, evidence of a path toward an independent research career for the applicant, and the probability that the research program will lead to improved management of obesity and its complications. The program is designed to promote multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary collaboration, and to ensure equitable and productive distribution of research support across the CCTR partner institutions-the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Tougaloo College and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Other funding programs available at UMMC