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Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is responsible for overseeing all MCCTR activities and for aligning its resources and activities to maximize success. The Administrative Core has a flexible and responsive governance structure with mechanisms to monitor progress toward goals and milestones and a capacity to re-direct resources as needed.

Leadership for the Administrative Core includes:

Joey Granger

Joey P. Granger, PhD, MCCTR PI and Administrative Core Director

Dr. Granger is the Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor, Professor of Physiology and Medicine, Director of the Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center, and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Michael Hall, MD

Michael E. Hall, MD, MCCTR Director of Clinical and Population Studies

Dr. Hall is the Chair of the Department of Medicine, and an Associate Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Cardiology. He also serves as the Co-Director of Cardiac Imaging at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The Administrative core convenes the following committees and boards:

  • MCCTR Internal Advisory Committee (IAC): The Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) comprises research leaders from the MCCTR partner institutions. The Committee oversees inter-institutional collaboration and ensures equitable resource allocation to build sustainable research across the participating institutions and Mississippi communities.
  • MCCTR Steering Committee: The Steering Committee has overall responsibility for the MCCTR's day-to-day operations and strategic direction. It provides multi-institutional leadership and accountability for the MCCTR's overall goals as well as ensuring that all MCCTR Cores and Programs consistently deliver quality services. The Steering Committee is composed of the PI, Core Leaders, Partnering Institution Leaders, Program Directors, and the Director of Operations.
  • MCCTR Scientific Review Panel: The MCCTR Scientific Review Panels review proposals and reports, consider other scientific issues that require action, and make recommendations to the Steering Committee, which has authority to award funds and allocate resources. The Scientific Review Panels perform reviews and make recommendations regarding investigator-initiated applications to the Pilot Projects Program, and as needed, review all other applications to use MCCTR resources.

Overview of organizational and administrative structure.  The Administrative Core provides both an organizational and administrative structure that is conducive Capture.JPGfor ensuring collaborative efforts and interaction among the participating institutions/organizations, components/cores and network investigators. The figure depicts the overall structure of the MCCTR, which includes a Steering Committee, comprising of the MCCTR PI and Director, leaders of the six MCCTR cores (PPP, Professional Development, Research Services, BERD, and CEO), the Institutional PI's for Tougaloo College, USM; and a senior LACaTs Center Investigator.   

Administrative Core faculty and staff

  • Joey Granger, PhD
    Director, Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research
    Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor
    Professor of Physiology and Medicine
    Director, Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center
    Dean, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences
  • Michael Hall, MD
    Director of Clinical and Population Studies, Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research
    Chair, Department of Medicine
    Associate Professor of Physiology, Medicine, and Cardiology
  • Betsy Davis
    Director of Research Operations, Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research
  • Chevonne Robinson
    Project Manager, Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research