Center for Gender and Sexual Minority Health

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How do I make an appointment?

  • An appointment with TEAM clinic can be made by filling out an intake form at

What types of services are provided at TEAM clinic? 

  • TEAM Clinic is a comprehensive care network that provides medical (including hormone therapy), mental health, STI/HIV treatment and prevention, social work services, and surgical referrals for adults. These services are tailored to each person’s goals and concerns starting with the first visit.

Can the TEAM Clinic be my primary care provider?

  • At this time, basic primary care services are available. If a TEAM clinic provider determines more comprehensive primary care services are needed, a referral to a non-TEAM clinic provider will be provided.

What does TEAM Stand for?

  • TEAM stands for Trustworthy, Evidence-Based, Affirming, and Multidisciplinary. Our clinic staff and providers embody all of these points each day in the clinic and look forward to serving you.