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BD Biosciences FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter

The BD Biosciences FACSAria Fusion™ is a high-end Special Order Research Product (SORP) cell sorter configured with 5 high power lasers (UV 355 nm, Violet 405 nm, Blue 488 nm, Yellow-Green 561 nm, Red 637 nm), 18 fluorescent detectors and 2 light scatter detectors. The BD Biosciences FACSAria Fusion is capable of sorting up to 4 populations simultaneously. Samples can be sorted into 12 x 75 mm FACS tubes or 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes for 4-way sorts, and into 15 ml centrifugation tubes or 50 ml centrifugation tubes for 2-way sorts. In addition, the FACSAria can deposit single cells into 96- or 384-well plates. The optional index sorting function ensures that a single-sorted cell has the desired phenotype. This system maintains sample sterility and can sort up to ~25,000 events per second depending on cell type and nozzle size (70, 85, 100, and 130 um). The FACSAria Fusion is operated using FACSDiva 9.1v software. FCS file versions 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 can be exported for data analysis.  

The FACSAria Fusion is operated only by the Flow Cytometry facility staff. 

FACSAria Fusion Configuration
Excitation LaserLongpass FilterBandpass FilterFluorochrome ExamplesDetector
Blue (488 nm)505LP530/30FITC, AF488, CFSE, GFP, BB515, TO-PRO-1BB515
635LP670/14BB660, PerCPPerCP
Red (637 nm)650LP670/30APC, AF633, AF647, TO-PRO-3APC
690LP710/50AF700, APC-Cy5.5, Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Ruby StainAF700
750LP780/60APC-Cy7, APC-H7, APC-eFluor780APC Cy7
Yellow-Green (561 nm)570LP586/15PE, AF555, AF546, dTomato, DsRed, RFPPE
600LP610/20PI, PE/Dazzle 594, PE-CF594, PE-Texas Red, mCherryPE-CF594
650LP670/30PE-Cy5, 7AAD, E2-Crimson, mPlumPE-Cy5
690LP710/50PE-Cy5.5, PE-AF700PE-Cy5.5
Violet (405 nm)410LP431/28BV421BV421
410LP450/50BV421, DAPI, V450, Pacific BlueOptional
600LP610/20BV605, eFluor605NCBV605
690LP710/50BV711, Yellow Dead CellBV711
UV (355 nm)none378/29BUV396BUV396