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About Cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases where abnormal cells grow and divide in the body, invading and attacking healthy cells and tissue. After cardiac disease, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. For the best chance of surviving cancer, it is important to participate in regular cancer screenings that are appropriate for your age and gender. Once a cancer has been found, it is vital to see a team of specialists who can determine the extent of the disease (staging) and which treatment offers the best chance for a cure.

We offer our expert cancer care at UMMC Grenada.

The UMMC difference

The Cancer Center and Research Institute at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is equipped with the latest technology and high-tech care provided by health professionals committed to each patient's emotional and physical wellbeing. Our cancer care providers serve on disease-specific, interdisciplinary teams made up of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and other specialists and allied health care professionals.

We don’t just fight cancer. We care for the whole person.

Together. Our teams are skilled in the most up-to-date approaches to diagnosing and treating your disease. To help patients achieve the best possible outcome, our care teams hold regular conferences. In these conferences, individual patient cases are evaluated and managed by a team of providers specializing in the type of cancer being discussed. Together, they create care plans individualized to each patient's particular situation and needs.

We're turning discovery into cures.

Our research mission is essential to fighting cancer. As part of the state's only academic medical center, the UMMC Cancer Institute offers advanced technology and procedures, access to clinical trials, and physicians who review and are often involved in the latest research.

We are members of several National Cancer Institute cooperative groups that sponsor nationwide clinical trials, and we offer trial participation to patients, as appropriate. We also participate in industry-sponsored clinical trials, investigator-initiated trials led by our own clinicians, and collaborative trials with other academic medical centers.

Cancer Care at UMMC