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Cancer Care

Expert cancer care, close to home

People in the Grenada area who need treatment for certain types of cancer can receive top-tier cancer care at UMMC Grenada. Treatment is provided in collaboration with UMMC's Cancer Center and Research Institute (CCRI) in Jackson.

Getting treatment close to home helps patients save strength for healing and recovery and is an important part of managing fatigue, a common side effect of cancer treatment.

As Mississippi’s only academic medical center, our mission to create a healthier Mississippi means bringing that excellent cancer care to communities across the state.

Getting cancer care at UMMC Grenada

UMMC Grenada offers care for specific cancers that respond to chemotherapy and immunotherapy via IV infusion. After a diagnosis of cancer, a patient’s information goes to one of 11 interdisciplinary teams at CCRI in Jackson where members discuss and recommend the best treatment for that individual. Then the team can determine if the treatment needed is available and fully supported at UMMC Grenada.

Many types of cancer may be treated at UMMC Grenada, depending on the medication needed for treatment, the patient’s overall health, and other factors.

A full team with specialized cancer training and experience

The UMMC oncologists who see patients in Grenada are board-certified experts in cancer care. They work in teams with clinical experts in many different medical specialties such as surgery, pain management, lung care and others. These specialists combine their knowledge and skill to look at each patient’s treatment options from every angle, treating not just the cancer but the whole person.

Our interdisciplinary teams bring the full resources of Mississippi’s only academic medical center to patients in the Grenada area.

Cancer services in Grenada

UMMC Grenada offers patients on-site cancer care and support services including:

  • Office visits with a board-certified oncologist
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy for specific types of cancer
  • Other infusion care, including blood transfusions and IV fluids for rehydration
  • Emergency care, with 24/7 support from an on-call medical oncologist at UMMC
  • Full coordination for any additional care that may be required
  • Second opinions for cancer diagnoses

Doctors at UMMC Grenada’s cancer clinic include:

Make an appointment or get more information

To make an appointment or refer a patient, please call (601) 815-6700.