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Your HR Training and Orientation Team

HR Training and Orientation provides quality and cost-effective training and onboarding/orientation to increase productivity, enhance knowledge, and engage employees early in their UMMC career. It is our goal to ensure new employees have an exceptional onboarding experience, so we deliver the right information at the right time. Leaders from across the organization welcome new employees to UMMC each week.

Moreover, we manage the HR New Managers Orientation program which focuses primarily on HR topics such as Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition, Benefits, Compensation, etc. This program is designed to provide new managers and leaders with knowledge, tools, and resources to help them do their job effectively. We want to ensure new managers and leaders understand HR compliance requirements and best practices.

Our programs are a blend of lecture and experiential workshops, facilitated by our own leaders, and are designed to enhance organizational performance through collaboration and engagement. For some classes, online training is created so that the content is more readily available to employees, as it is our goal to help staff members reach their full potential and maximize achievement.  

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