Frequently Asked Questions

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After You Have Applied

  • What are the steps in the selection process?
    If your work experience and qualifications best match the position, you will be contacted by email, text or phone. You might be asked to interview via phone, online video or in person with the hiring team.
  • I meet the required criteria. Why haven't I been contacted for an interview
    Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to personally respond or interview all applicants.
  • How will UMMC contact me?
    A member of Talent Acquisition may contact an applicant via phone, text and/or email. Please ensure all contact information is current in your profile.
  • What happens when I withdraw my application?
    The withdrawal option is available for each application you have submitted. Once you withdraw from a position, your application will no longer be considered and you will not be allowed to reapply for that position.
  • May I have the contact information for the hiring manager?
    We are not able to disclose contact information for any of our employees.
  • The position to which I applied is no longer posted online. What does that mean?
    If the position is not posted on the job board, we are not accepting any new applications.
  • Can I see a list of jobs I've applied to?
    Log into the UMMC Careers page, then select "Application Status."
  • How do I stay connected with UMMC?
    To stay informed about career opportunities, visit our Careers page.
  • I don't have an email account. Where can I get one?
    There are a number of email providers on the internet offering free email accounts that you can use to make your application. The most common are Hotmail, Yahoo and Google Mail.
  • How do you use the personal information that I provide in my application?
    The information is used solely for the purposes of recruitment and is not used for any marketing or passed to any third parties.
  • I have applied for a job, but I need to edit my application and make changes. How can I do this?
    Select "Manage Applications," and select "Edit Employment Application." Responses to supplemental questions cannot be edited after submission.
  • I have not heard about the outcome of my interview. Why?
    A final decision has not been made. Please review your profile for updates.
  • Can I see the pay scale on the job posting?
    We do not currently publish this information.
  • Why was my application "disqualified" as soon as I applied?
    Your application was disqualified due to not meeting posted requirements. Make sure that you review the job requirements and answer all questions accurately on your application.
  • If I am not selected, can I edit my application and re-apply for that position?
    You will be unable to submit your application to the same position/requisition number.