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SOM Medical Student Honor Council

What is the goal of the Medical Student Honor Council?

  • The Medical Student Honor Council (MSHC or Council) is charged with enforcing the Code of Honorable and Professional Conduct, which includes but is not limited to: keeping the Code current and revising it when needed; reviewing alleged violations of the Honor Code; deciding whether a charged student has violated the Honor Code; and recommending an appropriate penalty. The MSHC will provide its decision and recommendation to either the UMSOM Executive Faculty or the Council of Deans; the Dean of the Office of Medical Education will decide to which administrative body these are provided.

How is a case referred to the Medical Student Honor Council?

  • Ideally, complaints should be made in person, and confidentially, to one of the Deans. The complaint(s) will then be either handled directly by the Dean, referred to the Medical Student Honor Council, or referred to the Deans' Council depending upon the severity of the complaint. Further details are available on page 15 of the School of Medicine Student Handbook.

Is there any other place to submit commendations or concerns?

  • Yes, there are physical collection boxes in the SOM Medical Student Lounge and Hospital Student Lounge.
  • Students can also reach out to the Deans and the Office of Student Affairs via phone or email. Their contact information is located on the SOM Student Affairs website.
  • Complaints can also be made by submitting the UMMC Student Complaints Form.

If you have any questions about the Medical Student Honor Council, please contact Advisor, Dr. Mike McMullan at


  • Prefect: Senior Class President
  • Vice-Prefect: Senior Class Vice President
  • Clerk: Junior Class President
  • Class Representatives: Presidents and Vice-Presidents of he Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Classes

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mike McMullan