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SOM Professionalism Council

What is the goal of the Council when it receives comments?

  • The Council wishes to serve as an educational, not punitive, resource for all students to grow as professionals in medical practice.
  • The Council's goal is aid students by identifying areas of strength in professionalism and helping them find areas of concern to grow upon.

What happens when you submit comments?

  • All comments submitted to the Council are de-identified upon receipt and evaluated by the Council in a confidential manner.
  • The Council can commend outstanding professional behavior or address any potentially concerning behaviors.

What is a "Coffee Talk" and why does the Council use them?

  • Talks are informal one-on-one meetings between a student and Council member.
  • They are meant to educate students of any issues before they become documented in student evaluations.
  • Coffee Talks are never punitive and do not receive any attention from faculty.
  • In the event the Council is confronted by a serious issue, it can defer to SOM faculty.

Is there any other place to submit commendations or concerns?

  • Yes, there are physical collection boxes in the SOM Medical Student Lounge and Hospital Student Lounge.
  • You can also fill out the online form on the SOM Student Affairs website.

Why do I need to submit my name to my commendation or concern?

  • In the event that the commendation or concern needs follow-up, we might need to follow-up with you regarding details.
  • All submissions are de-identified during Council discussion and are only re-identified when follow-up is necessary.

If you have any questions about the Council, please contact the SOM Professionalism Council at


  • Chair: Graham Husband
  • Vice-chair:┬áSara Parker

Advisor: Mitzi Norris

Please submit any commendations or concerns related to the School of Medicine's Professionalism Codes here.

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