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UMMC Student Complaints

Students have the right to complain without fear of retribution or retaliation from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) or its employees. For more information, see the UMMC Student Complaint Policy.

Students are encouraged to directly contact the specific school or individual office on campus to address their concerns or complaints. Students may also submit formal written complaints to the Office of Student Affairs using the UMMC Student Complaint Form.

UMMC Student Complaint Form

Students may submit formal complaints using the form below. Please identify the problem in sufficient detail to permit a thorough response or referral to the appropriate office or administrator. Students will receive timely responses regarding the submitted complaint.

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Concerns or complaints will be resolved according to published school and institutional policies, entering at the appropriate level and proceeding in the order stated. All decisions by the school's dean or executive faculty concerning academic matters are final. Procedural appeals for academic complaints may be submitted to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in accordance with the Student Procedural Appeal for Academic Decisions policy.

The UMMC Title IX Sexual Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy addresses all reported sexual misconduct and harassment and reports related to Title IX should be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator. For more information about Title IX at UMMC, see the Title IX and Sexual Misconduct page.

Additional UMMC policies relevant to concerns or complaints may be utilized in the complaint process.

If a student has concerns related to academic or administrative actions at UMMC and has exhausted all administrative remedies according to institutional policy without the complaint being resolved internally, the student may file a formal complaint with the appropriate external agency. This external process is not applicable for student complaints related to grades or discipline/conduct. For more information, see Filing Complaints with External Agencies.

For More Information

Individuals with questions about submitting student complaints at UMMC should contact the Office for Student Success.