F-1 Students

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If you are in lawful F-1 status and wish to transfer to a different institution, you must complete the F-1 transfer process. This procedure is initiated by the school you are currently attending and is completed through SEVIS by the new school.

Your new school cannot provide you with an I-20 until your current school “releases” your immigration record in SEVIS. To do this, a “release date” must be specified.

According to immigration regulations, the release date must be “the current semester or session completion date, or the date of expected transfer if earlier than the established academic cycle.” Be advised you must start your new program and begin classes within five months from the last day you were enrolled at your current school.

If you graduate or complete your program of study at UMMC and then wish to transfer to a new school, your transfer must be requested either during your last semester or within 60 days following the completion date of your program.

If you are on OPT and wish to transfer to another school, remember that your OPT eligibility automatically comes to an end on the transfer release date.

If your OPT end date occurs before classes at the new school begin, this date should be your transfer release date unless you request an earlier date. Be aware that you must request and be approved for a transfer release no later than 60 days following the completion of your OPT.