About The Study of Aging

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Why This Study Is Important

People are living longer than ever, but the joy of long life may be reduced if the quality of life is diminished by loss of independence and diseases like Alzheimer's.

Common concerns of older adults include a loss of independence and reduced quality of life. We still do not know why some people age in good health while others develop Alzheimer’s or other chronic diseases that shorten their lives. Our Study of Aging seeks to find those answers.

Our Study of Aging is a longitudinal (long-term) study. Longitudinal studies collect health data and follow the same participants for many years. This allows researchers to identify health patterns not previously recognized. For example, the famous Framingham Study first revealed the link between high blood pressure and strokes. For years, the medical community was unaware that these two factors were linked.

The same principle will apply in the Study of Aging. By identifying risk factors for chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia that affect aging, future treatments may be targeted to reduce the risk factors, implement preventative strategies, and promote healthier aging.