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Basic Clinical Research

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The Pharmacology Clinical Research Core supports laboratory aspects of clinical research and provides expertise and resources to clinical and translational scientists and trainees interested in undertaking biomedical "wet-lab" research.


George Booz
George W. Booz, PhD, FAHA
Director, Basic Clinical Research
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
(601) 984-4401
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The core offers the services of clinical research coordinators. The Core provides BSL2 facilities for the processing, storage or molecular experimentation of human biological samples. Equipment and technical assistance for performing ELISAs, blood chemistry analysis, cell proliferation assays, autoantibody assays, nitric oxide (NO) measurements, reactive oxygen species (ROS) determination, proteomics, mitochondrial function, flow cytometry, cell isolation, Western immunoblotting, and cell cytokine secretion profiling are available. The Core can also help analyze data and prepare results for publication or grant applications.


Assay labs are located on 4th floor of the Research (Pankratz) Building in rooms R412, R413, R414, R417, and R427.


  • BioTek Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader with Dual Reagent Injector

  • BioRad ChemiDoc XRS+ Imaging System

  • XFe24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer

  • LI-COR Odyssey M Imaging System

  • MACSQuant Analyzer 16 Flow Cytometer

  • IsoSpark Proteomics System

  • RoboSep-S Fully Automated Cell Separator

Cost for ServiceĀ 

Charges depend upon the service provided and are intended primarily to offset the costs of consumables and contribute towards service contracts.