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When To Use

It is appropriate to use the NEPAR process for the following classifications of non-employees:

  • Contract Workers - workers being paid through a 3rd party for their work as governed by a formal contract with UMMC. Examples: Agency Temporary Workers, Travelers, Contracted Service Providers, Independent Contractors and Consultants. Contracts must be vetted through the Office of Contracts Administration and applicable requirements must be met before contractors are allowed to begin their work for UMMC.
  • Research Volunteers - individuals who are volunteering at UMMC in a research program. Before onboarding a research volunteer, please contact your HR Business Partner to ensure this classification is appropriate and that any requirements specific to this classification of non-employee are completed in advance.
  • Educational Observers - individuals of at least 16 years of age who engage in shadowing or observing in the areas of research, healthcare, or education as non-participating witnesses and are supervised by UMMC employees designated as sponsors. The individuals observe only and cannot engage in research, participate in direct or indirect patient care activities, or document in any record.
  • Educational Enrichment Program Participants - participants in programs designed by UMMC to provide learning opportunities to individuals from the community with interests in the health sciences. Programs should be appropriately vetted and managed through the Office of Academic Affiliations.
  • Auditors - non-employees providing audit services directly to UMMC or its affiliated organizations. Auditors representing Federal or State Regulatory Agencies having Statutory Authority should register with the Office of Integrity and Compliance.
  • Construction Workers - those engaged in construction/remodel work at UMMC. Health and certain other requirements may change based on location, exposure risk and nature of project. Construction projects are managed through the Office of Planning, Design and Construction.
  • Tenants - non-employees who occupy space leased from UMMC by a third-party lessee. These persons may work for a UMMC vendor partner or affiliated institution.
  • Healthcare Professional Trainee - includes visiting House Officers, Nurse Practitioners visiting as learners in UMMC's telemedicine training program for community hospitals, and visiting providers here to learn skills/procedures. The healthcare professional is here to participate in a professional training program. Healthcare Professional Trainee is NOT the appropriate category for a temporary worker, contract worker, traveler, locums, student in an academic program of studies, or vendor representative promoting a product or service.
  • School of Pharmacy Personnel - staff and residents of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy who are paid by University of Mississippi and work on site at UMMC. University of Mississippi Faculty Members should not utilize this process, but instead should onboard through the Unpaid Faculty Appointment process.