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On-Boarding a Non-Employee

The sponsor and non-employee should begin the NEPAR onboarding process two to four weeks prior to the requested start date. Please allow ample lead time and carefully read instructions to avoid first-day confusion. You may print this page to use as a checklist.

Step 1: Submit ENEPAR Form

  • Sponsor reads these instructions and provides the non-employee with a link to this page.
  • Non-employee reads these instructions and completes the electronic non-employee personnel action request (ENEPAR). Requirements to submit this form:
    1. Sponsor provides the non-employee with the sponsor's UMMC email address.
    2. Non-employee completes the review and acknowledgement for the Information Security Awareness video, UMMC Acceptable Use Policy and Compliance Training.
  • Sponsor receives an email that contains a link leading to the ENEPAR form. Sponsor completes their portion of the ENEPAR form and submits it for approval.
    1. On the sponsor portion of the form, the sponsor may designate a co-sponsor.
    2. Educational Observer or Research Volunteer submissions: non-employee completes the form linked above and sends it to the sponsor. Sponsor attaches the PDF form when submitting the ENEPAR form. Important Note for Educational Observers: The sponsor or co-sponsor being shadowed and providing direct supervision to the observer must complete and sign the Educational Observer forms.

STEP 2: Non-Employee Completes Requirements

  • Sponsor instructs the non-employee to complete qualification requirements A, B, and C below.

    Special instructions:
    • Off-Site only: non-employees who will never engage on UMMC's campus may omit A and B.
    • Educational Observers: requests for 3 days or less may omit B and C.
    • UMMC Employees and Students who are engaging on campus as a non-employee may omit A and B.
  1. Health/Immunization Review: Non-employee uploads evidence of completion of health requirements to the Non-Employee Health Portal. The non-employee is responsible for any fees associated with completing health requirements at their provider of choice. Health services/screenings are not offered to non-employees by the UMMC Student and Employee Health Department.
  2. Criminal History Review: Non-employee completes fingerprinting/criminal history review. For options 1 and 2, there is a $50 fee that may be paid at the point of service (Credit Card, Cash, or UMMC Interdepartmental Invoice).
    • Option 1: Fingerprinting On-Site – please click here to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting at UMMC.
    • Option 2: Off-site Fingerprinting on Cards – non-employees who are not able to visit campus for fingerprinting in advance of the engagement may be fingerprinted on cards by their local Police/Sheriff's office. For additional information on the fingerprinting on cards process, please review the instructions here.
    • Option 3: Clearance Letter – If the non-employee has a valid "Notarized Clearance Letter" issued by a Healthcare Entity Licensed by the Mississippi Department of Health, they may upload it for pre-validation by Human Resources here.
  3. Basic Orientation: Basic orientation is required for non-employees who will engage in activities supporting the University Hospitals and Health Systems clinical enterprise. Non-employee completes the Basic Orientation then reviews, signs and forwards the "Non-employee Orientation Attestation" to the sponsor.
  • Sponsor monitors the ENEPAR record for approvals using the sponsor portal and notifies the non-employee if any follow up is needed. The sponsor may review comments by clicking the badge icon.

STEP 3: All Approvals Obtained

  • Sponsor receives email once all approvals are obtained and notifies the non-employee.
  • Non-employee or Sponsor reports to the HR Service Center pick up the UMMC Identification Badge.
  • Sponsor submits a DIS Help Desk Service Catalog ticket to request any additional system or door access that may be needed.
  • Sponsor accesses the sponsor portal to monitor the status of the non-employee throughout the engagement and uses the Renew/Extend Engagement instructions if the engagement needs to be extended and the Offboarding/Terminating a Non-Employee instructions if the engagement concludes before the submitted end date.
  • If the non-employee is a contractor who contributes to the quality and safety of care through care, treatment, and services provided directly to hospital patients, Sponsor must maintain a departmental file that contains documents detailed in the Non-Employee Departmental File Requirements. If you have questions about requirements for credentialed providers, please contact the Medical Staff Office at