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Sponsor's Duties and Responsibilities

  • The sponsor is responsible for submitting the NEPAR form at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the engagement.
  • The sponsor is responsible for ensuring that all steps of the NEPAR process have been satisfactorily completed by the non-employee and documentation is retained in the department for a period of 6 years from the conclusion of the engagement. Documents may be in electronic or paper format but must be made available when audited by a UMMC official.
  • The sponsor should observe or otherwise verify that the non-employee's engagement is within the scope specified in the NEPAR form and the terms of their contract or business services agreement (when applicable).
  • The sponsor must request and obtain proof of influenza vaccination from the non-employee during influenza season if the current influenza vaccine was not yet available at the beginning of the engagement.
  • The sponsor is responsible for maintaining UMMC system security and integrity by requesting suspension/termination of all granted access within 24 hours of the conclusion of the non-employee's engagement or when he/she no longer requires access for any reason before the requested end date. This includes involuntary separations and contract terminations.
  • To prevent misidentification and unauthorized access, the sponsor is responsible at the end of the engagement for collecting the UMMC identification badge, keys or other property (including proprietary information) that were issued to the non-employee. The UMMC identification badge should be returned to the Human Resource Service Center.
  • If the non-employee is a contractor, the sponsor is responsible for these additional items:
    • Ensuring a contract is approved and reviews the contract to see that the job duties of the contractor are outlined in the contract; OR, if not in the contract, job duties are defined in a supplement to the contract. This information is needed to assess competence of staff and ensure qualifications are consistent with job responsibilities.
    • Using the document defining the job responsibilities of the contractor, the sponsor is responsible for assessing the competence of the contractor through on-site review and obtaining previous assessments from the contractor's employer.
    • Determining if license/certification/registration is required to perform the job duties assigned to the contractor. The sponsor verifies these items through the appropriate agency. This includes the license/certification/registration, type, agency, number origin date and expiration date. If required to practice the profession, item(s) must be primary source verified. A copy of the proof of primary source verification of licensure/certification must be attached to the NEPAR.
    • Sponsor must maintain a departmental file that contains documents detailed in the Non-Employee Departmental File Requirements. Copies of the Orientation Attestation, Proof of Competency Verification, and written confirmation from contract company confirming contractor’s good standing or copies of yearly performance evaluations for the past 3 years must be uploaded to the ENEPAR portal.