Telehealth for Schools

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How School-based Telehealth Helps Community Caregivers

Our goal is to augment the medical care a child receives locally. By teaming up with a child’s primary care provider, we help support a child’s health in school and beyond.

School-based telehealth helps primary care providers in the community:

Manage care during surge times.

When flus, stomach bugs and the like hit everyone at the same time, in-school care can help clinics manage high patient volume and deliver prompt medical attention.

Address behavioral needs.

In-school care is a simple and effective way to help patients with behavioral issues such as anxiety and depression, get expert specialized care.

Stay in touch with patients and parents.

If patients miss wellness visits, our in-school team can spot health issues and connect families to their primary care provider for further medical attention.

Manage chronic conditions.

For children with asthma, diabetes and other chronic conditions, in-school care and lifestyle coaching can help them stay healthier and out of the emergency room.