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Karen Winters, PhD, RN


Contact Information

2500 N. State St.
Jackson, MS 39216-4505
Phone: (601) 984-6246

Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship

PhD, Clinical Health Sciences, 2004, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Research interests

  • Racial disparities in health and health care access
  • Cardiovascular disease in African Americans

Research synopsis

Dr. Karen Winters is an educator and researcher with over 30 years of practice as a registered nurse. Her area of clinical expertise is cardiovascular nursing. Dr. Winters has served the Principal Investigator for several studies that address racial disparities in health and health care. She serves asthe Director of Data Acquisition for the Jackson Heart Student (JHS) Field Center. The JHS is the largest study in history to investiage genetic and other factors that affect heart disease in Afican-Americans. In this capacity, she serves on the leadership team for the study and oversees the work of Exam Center staff, surveillance and annual follow-up staff.

Dr. Winters is a tenured professor at the School of Nursing. Over the past 25 years, she has taught in courses across the undergraduate and doctoral programs.

Recent accomplishments and honors

  • 2019 Nelson Order Recognition
  • 2018 Faculty DAISY Award
  • 2012 Nurse Researcher of the Year, Mississippi Nurses Foundation

Selected publications

  • Remington, J., & Winters, K. (2019). Effectiveness of dietary inorganic nitrate for lowering blood pressure in hypertensive adults: a systematic review. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 17(3), 365-389. doi:10.11124/jbisrir-2017-003842

  • Mentz RJ, Greiner MA, Muntner P, Shimbo D, Sims M, Spruill TM, Banahan BF, Wang W, Mwasongwe S, Winters K, Correa A, Curtis LH, O'Brien EC. (2018). Intentional and unintentional medication non-adherence in African Americans: Insights from the Jackson Heart Study. Am Heart J, 200:51-59. doi: 10.1016/j.ahj.2018.03.007

  • Glover, L. M., Sims, M., & Winters, K. (2017). Perceived Discrimination and Reported Trust and Satisfaction with Providers in African Americans: The Jackson Heart Study. Ethn Dis, 27(3), 209-216. doi:10.18865/ed.27.3.209

  • Min, Y. I., Anugu, P., Butler, K. R., Hartley, T. A., Mwasongwe, S., Norwood, A. F., . . . Winters, K., Correa, A. (2017). Cardiovascular Disease Burden and Socioeconomic Correlates: Findings From the Jackson Heart Study. J Am Heart Assoc, 6(8). doi:10.1161/jaha.116.004416

  • Williams, E.P, Mesidor, M., Winters, K., Dubert, P., Wyatt, S.B. (2016). Overweight and Obesity: Prevalence, Consequences, and Causes of a Growing Public Health Problem. Current Obesity Reports, 4(3), 363-370.

  • Williams, E. P., Wyatt, S. B., & Winters, K. (2013). Framing body size among African American women and girls. J Child Health Care, 17(3), 219-229.

  • Story, L., Wyatt, S., & Winters, K. (2012). Community Health Advisor Training: A transformational Learning Experience. Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

  • Northington, L., Graham, J., Winters, K., & Fletcher, A. (2011). Assessing knowledge of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome among African American women in two Mississippi communities. [Multicenter Study]. Journal of cultural diversity, 18(3), 95-100.

  • Winters, K. P., Wyatt, S. B., Nick, T. G., Hewlett, P. O., Hyde, J. C. PhD, Williams. J., Fletcher, A. B. (2010). Race, stability of health insurance coverage, and prescription medication use. ABNF Journal 21(1); 21-26.