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Labs and Settings

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Basic science lab

The School of Nursing houses one of the few basic science laboratories located within a southeastern United States nursing school. The laboratories are equipped for state-of-the-art cell culture, molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy and protein chemistry studies. The School of Nursing PhD students have the opportunities in the lab for research augmenting for adding biomarkers.

Two School of Nursing faculty members have basic science research programs aimed at understanding mechanisms underlying chronic demyelinating disorders and tumor resistance to cancer chemotherapy. They include the following:

  • Sharon Lobert, PhD, RN - Long-range goal: Understanding why tumors are resistant to antimitotic chemotherapy agents.
  • Laree Hiser, PhD - Primary research focus: Understanding the cellular events that occur in response to demyelination.

Scientists in these labs focus on research related to:

  • The effect of drugs on cancer cells;
  • Biomarkers for tumor development;
  • Proliferation with a variety of cell types;
  • Cellular structures and functions of neurons;
  • Mechanisms underlying demyelinating disorders.

Epidemiology/community settings

School of Nursing faculty conduct epidemiological and community-settings research in the following categories:

School-based clinics

University Nursing Associates (UNA), a division of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, successfully operate school-based clinics at Galloway Elementary and Johnson Elementary. More information