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Traditional BSN Application Instructions

Application availability and deadline

Applications are available online beginning July 1, one year prior to the year of admission. Traditional BSN students are admitted one time each academic year, during the summer semester, and the deadline to apply is Jan. 15. Applications received less than two weeks prior to the deadline cannot be assured of adequate time for notification of any missing or incomplete documents. Note: If applying for the Traditional BSN program at both sites (Jackson and Oxford), you will need to submit separate applications in Workday.

How to apply

When applying, all parts of the application, including any supplemental materials, must be received by the deadline. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status in March. Please note: If you would like to be considered for both the Accelerated BSN program, as well as the Traditional BSN program, you must submit two separate applications. However, you only need to submit one set of transcripts and test scores.

Completed applications should include the following:

  • Apply online;
  • A nonrefundable $25 application fee (per application) paid by credit card or by check, made payable to the University of Mississippi Medical Center;
  • Official ACT scores and transcripts from all colleges attended, including the fall semester, submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management (scores on transcripts are considered unofficial and will not be accepted).

Additional information for applicants

  • All transcripts become the property of the University of Mississippi Medical Center and cannot be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another school or individual. Transcripts must be sent directly by the school to the Office of Enrollment Management.
    • Office of Enrollment Management
      The University of Mississippi Medical Center
      2500 N. State St.
      Jackson, MS 39216-4505
  • Transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management at the end of each semester until all prerequisite requirements are completed.
  • All documents required for admission must be submitted prior to the deadline for the application to be considered complete. An unofficial transcript must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management for any courses that are in progress at the time of the deadline. However, courses that are in progress and/or do not have a final grade posted cannot be considered in the admissions process.
  • Facsimile documents will not be accepted.
  • Report any name, address or phone number change to the Office of Enrollment Management. 
  • Do not send application materials to the School of Nursing, or School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. 
  • All grades, including failing grades and grades on repeat courses, are used to calculate preadmission grade point averages. 
  • The applicant is responsible for notifying the Office of Enrollment Management of all changes to the plan of study. 
  • Out-of-state tuition charges apply for all applicants that live outside the state of Mississippi.

For more information

If you have questions regarding the admission criteria, the prerequisite courses or your application's status, please call (601) 984-1080 or (601) 815-0124.

Residency Requirements


UMMC applies the definitions and conditions stated here as required by state law in the classification of students as residents or nonresidents for the assessment of fees. Requests for a review of residency classification should be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management.


No student may be admitted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center as a resident of Mississippi unless his/her residence has been in Mississippi preceding his/her admission.


Nonresidents may petition the University of Mississippi Medical Center for a change of residency classification. A person who enters Mississippi from another state and enters a system institution is considered a nonresident, unless the person meets the residency requirements as a minor or adult as set out above. Provided, however, that any person who has attained 21 years of age and has thereafter actually established residency as an adult and resided within Mississippi for 12 consecutive months after attaining 21 years of age upon sworn affidavit and other representation, may petition the University of Mississippi Medical Center for a change in residency classification for the purposes of fees and tuition assessment. UMMC may make reasonable inquiry into the validity of the petitioner's claim. Such petition for change of residency must be made on or before the last day a student may register at the Medical Center without penalty.