PhD in Nursing

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PhD in Nursing Research Options

Research focal areas

  • Understanding mechanisms to promote and restore health through the:
    • Promotion of healthy lifestyle choices;
    • Reduction of disease risks;
    • Design of systems to deliver effective health care;
    • Guidance of health policy to improve human health.
  • Understanding biological bases of disease through the exploration of methods to prevent and treat disease.

The PhD in Nursing program offers opportunities for investigations in the areas of health disparities, chronic disease and vulnerable populations. Special emphasis in the promotion and restoration of health include obesity, hypertension and heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, low birth weight, health policy and nursing workforce issues. Cancer and neurological diseases are emphasized in the exploration of the biological methods to prevent and treat disease.

To learn more about the School of Nursing research program, visit the SON Faculty Research and Scholarship web page.

Track options

PhD students in the UMMC program select either the biological/physiology track or the human experiences in health care track. Dissertation research in the biological/physiology track involves basic science laboratory techniques and quantitative methods for design and analysis. Dissertation research in the human experiences in health care track involves studies of human population using qualitative and/or quantitative methods.