PhD in Nursing

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PhD in Nursing Plan of Study

Core component

Areas of study will include courses from the following selected domains:

  • Statistics,
  • Research methods and practice,
  • Ethics in research,
  • Philosophy of science,
  • Theory construction and application,
  • Writing for funding.


Completion of the PhD degree requires a minimum of seven hours of dissertation credit.

Elective component

The elective component is developed and designed with the student's adviser to meet the student's needs as well as to meet program requirements.

Plan of study

Plans of study are determined in collaboration with the student's advisory committee. Flexible plans of study are available.

PhD in Nursing Plan of Study
Year 1 - Fall
PHN 701Seminar1
DNP 721Biostatistics II3
PHN 706Philosophy3
PHN 703Nursing Science2
Year 1 - Spring
PHN 701Seminar1
PHN 720Methods and Analysis I3
PHN 714Theory Construction and Testing2
DNP 704Leadership in Health Systems3
Year 2 - Summer
PHN 721Methods and Analysis II3
Year 2 - Fall
PHN 701Journal Club1
PHN 722Methods and Analysis III2
ID 719Science/Theory of Population Health3
ID 715Teaching in Higher Education3
Year 2 - Spring
PHN 701Seminar1
MSCI 790Grant and Scientific Writing1
PHN 705Writing Proposals4
ID 700Ethics in Research2
PHN 717Directed Research1
Year 3 - Summer
PHN 710Research Practicum2
Year 3+ - Fall
PHN 701Seminar1
PHN 791Dissertation Proposal1+
PHN 798Dissertation Research6+
Year 3+ - Spring
PHN 701Journal Club1
PHN 798Dissertation Research1+
Year 4 - Summer
PHN 701Journal Club1
PHN 791Dissertation Proposal1+
Year 4 Fall+
PHN 701Journal Club1
PHN 791Dissertation Proposal1+
Minimum hours required for the degree (post-MSN and post-DNP)           52 hours
Minimum hours required for the degree (post-BSN)                                60 hours