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Nursing and Health Care Administrator

Propel your career to the next level. Hone your management skills. Learn how to do more in less time. Earn a master's degree in one of the most sought-after, versatile fields of nursing. You can do all of this and more through the Nursing and Health Care Administrator track at the University of Mississippi School of Nursing. If you are interested in having a direct impact on your work environment, expanding your scope of responsibility or moving to the next level, this is the right track for you.

The Nursing and Health Care Administrator track provides a comprehensive study of concepts, theories and research for effective management of health-care systems. Students immerse themselves in courses that provide experiential learning in financial, organizational, strategic and human resource management, as well as leadership, change management, policy and performance improvement. The program culminates in a full-time-equivalent residency in which students integrate practice, theory and research with a senior administrator in health care.

Online track, streamlined curriculum

To support the student's work-life balance, the plan of study is streamlined, and courses are online. The majority of courses can be completed independently, while some courses require a few online classes at designated times using web-based technology. The Nursing and Health Care Administrator coursework may be completed in as few as four semesters. Note: Post-graduate students will be given an individualized plan of study appropriate for their role by their academic advisor upon enrollment.

For more information

For additional general information regarding the Nursing and Health Care Administrator track, you may email or call (601) 815-0124.

For more specific information, please contact the individual track director listed on the graduate contacts webpage.

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