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RN-MSN Early Entry Program

Master of Science in Nursing Degree

Are you an associate degree nursing student interested in earning a master's degree in nursing administration, education or practice? Would you like to apply early and avoid the competitive selection process? If you are currently an ADN student at Hinds Community College or Northwest Mississippi Community College and you answered "yes" to these questions, then the RN-MSN Early Entry program at the University of Mississippi School of Nursing is the right choice for you.

Accessible program, predominantly online coursework

The RN-MSN Early Entry program provides an entry into the master's nursing program as a first-year ADN student, rather than after graduation. The program provides you opportunities to engage in both professional and personal relationships with School of Nursing faculty and students immediately upon acceptance into the RN-MSN Early Entry program.

Likewise, early entry students avoid the competitive selection process for admission into the RN-MSN program following the completion of the ADN curriculum. Peace of mind comes with knowing that upon completion of the ADN program, as long as RN-MSN Early Entry program requirements are maintained, you will have a guaranteed spot in the RN-MSN program.

The early entry program is a joint offering of the University of Mississippi School of Nursing and the Hinds Community College and Northwest Mississippi Community College associate-degree nursing programs.