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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a source of information on School of Nursing related policies, procedures, available resources and issues that are of concern to the student academic life. It acts as a companion to the UMMC Bulletin.

About the handbook

The Student Handbook is reviewed every two years, and an electronic copy is available below. Students are responsible for using the Student Handbook as a resource when questions arise, as well as a guide to academic/non-academic policies and procedures.

Student responsibility

Each student must sign a Student Handbook receipt verification form that is sent out with the welcome packet upon acceptance. This form, which is kept in the student's academic record file, verifies that the student has read and understood the policies. You can also download the receipt verification form.

These policies and procedures are subject to change during the academic year. Graduate students should refer to the information presented in this handbook, as well as the UMMC Bulletin. PhD in Nursing students should also refer to the Graduate Student Handbook. The Office of Student Affairs will distribute changes. For any questions related to the content of the University of Mississippi Medical Center Bulletin or Student Handbook, contact the Office of Student Affairs, (601) 984-6252.