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Academic Grievance

An academic grievance is a dispute concerning some aspect of academic involvement arising from an administrative or faculty decision which the student claims is unjust, arbitrary or capricious. Please note grades will only be reviewed in cases of miscalculation or documentation error.

View the SON Grievance Policy.

Academic grievance forms

Before seeking formal resolution, the student must attempt to resolve the issue informally with the course faculty (associated with the dispute), course coordinator, assistant dean, and director of student affairs and service learning.

Complete the Informal Resolution Process form.

If informal resolution is unsuccessful, the student may file a formal grievance within five (5) working days of electronic delivery of the informal meeting summary. Forms may be accessed through the UMMC Document Center or the director of student affairs and service learning.

Complete the Formal Grievance Process form.

Within five (5) working days of receiving the decision from the assistant dean for students, the student may appeal the decision to the dean of the SON using the grievance appeal form. The dean may consult with others to consider the issue. The dean may reject the appeal, support the appeal, or appoint a consultant to review the matter and make recommendations to the dean.

Complete the Grievance Appeal Process form.