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Medatrax is an online tracking system that allows our students to manage their clinical experience. The preceptor is provided with a free account that allows them to monitor and approve the student's clinical activities.

Medatrax allows the preceptor the opportunity to communicate electronically with the student. The preceptor's Medatrax account also allows the preceptor to view the student's course objectives.

Preceptors are provided, through Medatrax, the resources to evaluate the student and their performance at the end of each semester.

At the end of the semester, the preceptor is sent verification of clinical hours that can be used for renewing their certification.

New Clinic Information

The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing has been educating future nurses since 1948. The mission of the SON is "to develop nurse leaders and improve health within and beyond Mississippi through excellence in education, research, practice and service." We provide our students with learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Through the use of preceptors and facilitators, students are provided a wide range of valuable learning experiences. The School of Nursing is always searching for new clinic locations that will provide our students with the opportunity to meet their learning objectives while gaining knowledge and experience that will prepare them for a career in nursing. An agreement between your agency and the University of Mississippi School of Nursing is the first step in providing our students with the opportunity to learn from your establishment. We would appreciate the opportunity to develop a learning relationship with your agency.

If you are interested in establishing a Clinical Education Placement Agreement with the School of Nursing, please contact Chazah Carter.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

Students in our APRN courses will provide the preceptor with the forms needed for participating in a clinical learning environment.