Faculty and Staff

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  • Shannon D. Pittman, MD - Professor; Alma Lowry Hill Chair of Family Medicine


  • Ann M. Butler Kemp, MD - Associate Residency Director
  • Janet L. Ricks, DO - Residency Director and Director, Osteopathic Family Medicine

Associate professors

  • Molly S. Clark, PhD, ABPP - Director of Health Psychology Fellowship in Family Medicine
  • James Anthony Cloy, MD - Director of Community Student Health Program for Department of Family Medicine
  • John R. Mitchell, MD - Director of the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce
  • David R. Norris Jr., MD, MA, FAAFP - Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Holly H. Peeples, MD
  • Sonya Shipley, MD, FAAFP

Assistant professors

  • Kristen Alston, PhD
  • Kimberly A. Bibb, MD
  • Kelley M. Bishop, MD
  • Ardarian Gilliam Pierre, MD
  • Sheree C. Melton, MD - Director of Student Programs
  • Tobe Momah, MD
  • Deborah S. O'Bryan, MD - Quick Care physician
  • Rhonda Odom-Funches, MD
  • Joyce I. Olutade, MD - Medical Director, Student and Employee Health
  • Amanda Rice, MD
  • Evelyn Walker, MD, MPH
  • Irma H. Welch, MD

Adjunct faculty

  • Brian J. Tollefson, MD - Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship; Director, Emergency Ultrasound; Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery

Additional appointments in Family Medicine

  • Gene R. Barrett, MD - Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, UMMC
  • Penni Smith Foster, PhD - Professor, Academic Consultant of Office of Academic Support, UMMC Division of Academic Affairs
  • Natalie W. Gaughf, PhD, ABPP - Professor, Director of UMMC Academic Counseling Services
  • Joshua Mann, MD - Professor and Chair, SPH Department of Preventive Medicine
  • R. Stephen Manuel, PhD - Assistant Professor, Associate Dean of Admissions, UMMC
  • Patrick O. Smith, PhD, ABPP - Professor, Family Medicine; Chief Faculty Affairs Officer, UMMC - SOM Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

Professors Emeritus

  • Diane K. Beebe, MD - 2017
  • Robert C. Forbes, MD - 2016
  • Judith Gore Gearhart, MD - 2015
  • Warren A. Jones, MD - 2012
  • Wilfred Reginald Gillis, MD - 2011
  • Deirdre M. Phillips, MD - 2006
  • Thais B. Tonore, MD - 2019