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Chief Medical Officer Leadership

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Dr. J. Michael Henderson
Chief Medical Officer

Bishop, Phyllis.jpg
Dr. Phyllis Bishop
Chief Quality Officer

Dr. Peter Arnold
Chief of Staff

Dr. Lisa Didion
Medical Director, Patient Experience

Candice Whitfield
Administrator - CMO

What does the CMO office do?

  • Oversees an infrastructure for clinical quality improvement for UMMC
    • Defines performance gaps in clinical services to inform leadership and as the basis for quality improvement programs
    • Implements a process for setting quality improvement goals with input and buy-in from all branches of leadership
  • Provides support services for UMMC with content experts who help the clinical staff do the work
    • Oversees essential work for UMMC staff in their areas of expertise
    • Defines the metrics (one source of truth) for quality improvement and for The Hospital Quality Scorecard
    • Collects, manages and disseminates quality data monthly with an emphasis on engagement and transparency
  • Supports data use and communication
    • Completes required reporting of hospital and provider data on quality, safety and outcomes
    • Standardizes content for communication: Clinical Intranet/Leadership Rounds
    • Builds accountability: Quarterly data review with department chairs and nursing leadership