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Children's Ear, Nose, and Throat

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Ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems are very common in children. From newborns to adolescents, our team of pediatric ENT doctors specialize in the diagnosis, care and surgical treatment of head and neck diseases in children. We treat a range of conditions from routine problems like sinus or ear infections, to more complex conditions like airway problems, hearing loss and head and neck tumors.

Whether your child requires routine or complex care, our number one goal is to get your child back to living a healthy life.

Only at Children’s of Mississippi

As a part of UMMC and Children’s of Mississippi, procedures are performed in new state of the art surgical suites the Sanderson Tower. If a serious condition arises, we have the full resources of UMMC, Mississippi’s only academic medical center.

Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat is home to the only comprehensive pediatric cochlear implant program in the state.

Our pediatric ENTs are fellowship-trained and work alongside pediatric-trained audiologists and speech therapists to provide comprehensive, centralized care for every child. 

Conditions we treat and services we provide:

Ear disorders:
Ear infections/ear tube placement
Minimally invasive ear surgery
Perforated ear drum
Dizziness and balance disorders

Hearing Loss:
Hearing aids
Cochlear implants
Bone conduction implant

Nose issues:

Nasal obstructions

Throat issues: 
Tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies including rapid-recovery procedures
Stridor (noisy breathing)
Laryngomalacia (floppy larynx)
Laryngeal clefts
Laryngeal stenosis (abnormal narrowing of the larynx)
Vocal cord paralysis and disorders
Voice and swallowing problems
Tongue tie 
Newborn airway problems
Velopharyngeal insufficiency

Head and neck
Head and neck tumors
Sleep-disturbed breathing and obstructive sleep apnea
Salivary gland disorders
Branchial cleft cysts

Multispecialty, Collaborative Care with Speech and Audiology 

At UMMC ENT, our physicians, audiologists and speech-language pathologists share a common clinic aiding in the coordination and convenience of care for patients who need to see multiple specialists.  

As part of the UMMC Center for Voice and Swallowing, our specialists diagnose and treat children affected by speech, voice, airway, and swallowing disorders. We also help children with speech and language problems caused by developmental delay or brain injury. Learn more about Children’s Voice and Swallowing/Speech Pathology.  

Without testing, hearing loss in children can go unnoticed during the first years of life. Left untreated, it can affect speech and language development, ability to learn, social and emotional development, and school performance. At Children’s of Mississippi, we provide Mississippi families a team of specialists who can help detect and treat hearing loss in children. Learn more about Children’s Hearing/Audiology 

Preparing for Surgery

If you’re a parent or guardian of a child having surgery or if you’re the patient, let us help you prepare.  

Patient Handouts

Learn more about how to prepare for or recover from some of our more common procedures. 

Meet Our Specialists

Batson Doctor

At Children’s of Mississippi, our pediatric experts work together to complete a full circle of care for your child.

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