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Children's Leukemia

Leu-ke-mi-a. Some parents call it four syllables of pure terror.

Doctors at Children’s Cancer Center know research and advanced treatment mean that today many children survive leukemia.

These cancers start when your child’s bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells, red blood cells or platelets which then grow uncontrollably. These cells, which cannot function normally, crowd out the normal cells and that makes your child ill.

This children’s cancer care team, a part of Children's of Mississippi and the Cancer Center and Research Institute at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, treat all childhood leukemias, including ALL, the cancer most often seen in pediatric patients.

Doctors here have been involved for years in searching for better and better ways to treat it. The board-certified hematologists/oncologists also provide the only bone marrow or stem cell transplant facilities in the state.

Leu-ke-mi-a. The diagnosis is frightening, and doctors here will work with you and your child to banish the disease and the fear that comes with it.