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Student Interest Groups

Below is a list of available student interest groups. Contact the SOM Office of Student Affairs for a student interest group registration form.

Aerospace Medicine

Purpose: To engage all students interested in the medical limitations and possibilities in sub-orbital and space flight. Our objective is designed to facilitate internal/external ideas, projects, and research in Aerospace Medicine. Students will also develop a deeper understanding of the common principles that drive terrestrial medicine while learning aerospace medical topics. Additionally, we find value in sharing ideas and building connections within the small community of Aerospace Medicine.


  • President: Martin McCandless
  • Vice President: Katarina Pittman
  • Secretary: Mackenzie Miller
  • Treasurer: Joseph Alef
  • M3 Representative: John Dumas
  • M2 Representative: Isabella Pittman

Advisor: Dr. Ritesh Tandon

African American Visit Day 

Purpose: The purpose of this day is to address an article written by the AMA in 2015 that addressed the problem of the decrease of African American males in the medical profession. We are dedicated to doing things to help increase the number of minorities interested/attending medical school. Our biggest event is our AA Visit Days that we hold in the fall and spring of every academic year in which we bring college and high school student to UMMC and introduce them to medicine and assist them in overcoming any barriers that may exist between them and pursuing a career in medicine.


  • Co-Chair: Jamerius Waller
  • Co-Chair: 
  • Co-Chair:
  • SNMA Liaison: Ariel Wilson
  • BRIM Liaison: Gregory Wilson

Advisor: Dr. Demondes Haynes


Purpose: The purpose of the Anesthesiology Interest Group, University of Mississippi School of Medicine Chapter, is to foster interest in the field of Anesthesiology. Additionally, we strive to provide medical students with hands-on experience and shadowing opportunities to let medical students experience first-hand the day in/day out activities that make Anesthesiology one of the most enjoyable and rewarding fields of Medicine.

  • President: Casey Spell
  • Vice President: Taylor Christian
  • Secretary: Tate Crosby
  • Simulation Coordinator: 


  • Dr. Bryan Hierlmeier
  • Dr. Justin Pipkins 

Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)

Purpose: The mission of the Association of Women Surgeons is to inspire, encourage, and enable women surgeons to achieve their personal and professional goals.


  • President: Luci Makamson
  • Vice President: Madyson Brown
  • Secretary: Mollie Merrell
  • Advocacy Chair: Chelsey Smith
  • M2 Class Representative: Joshua Parker


  • Dr. Felicitas Koller
  • Dr. Shuntaye Batson

Black Representation in Medicine (BRiM)

Purpose: The purpose of the Black Representation in Medicine (BRiM) organization is to increase the number of Black American students who apply, gain admission, and matriculate into medical school and respective graduate training programs after medical school.


  • President: Tyrikus Hayes
  • Vice President: Deshauntra Green
  • Secretary: Kaylee Zettler 
  • Treasurer: Shailyn Miller
  • Social Media Chair: Jalexis Evans

Advisor: Dr. Demondes Haynes

Blood Drive to Save Lives

Purpose: The purpose of the Blood Drive to Save Lives is to increase blood donations at UMMC and promote awareness and education of the blood bank and why it is so important to give blood. The Blood Drive to Save Lives hopes to form a strong relationship between Mississippi Blood Services and UMMC students. 


  • Chairman: Taylor Ferris
  • Executive Body Member: Helena Qu
  • Executive Body Member: Mari Liza Almand
  • Executive Body Member: Santana Holloway
  • Executive Body Member: Zahara Chowdhury

Advisor: TBD


Purpose: The purpose of the Cardiovascular Interest Group is to introduce students to the fields of cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, and vascular surgery and demonstrate how these fields work closely together to better patient outcomes. Students will be introduced to surgeons and cardiologists who will speak on interesting cases and personal experiences in their field. UMMC fellows will be invited to speak on ways for students to better their applications and understand the pathways to each subspecialty. The hope is to prepare students from an early point in their medical school curriculum to both make an informed decision on their career path and have the tools necessary to achieve their goals.


  • President: 
  • Vice President: Alex Smith
  • Secretary: Zachary Klopman
  • Treasurer: 
  • Social Media Chair: Jennifer Stapel 
  • Class of 2025 Representative: 
  • Class of 2024 Representative: Chandler Winstead
  • Class of 2023 Representative: Wilson Lutz 
  • Class of 2022 Representative: Clark Martin

Advisor: Dr. Mike McMullan

Club Med

Purpose: To promote communication among members and faculty. To obtain information about careers in internal medicine. To promote the profession of internal medicine. To serve the medical school and campus public. To promote student membership in the American College of Physicians (ACP).


  • President: Banks Carlisle 
  • President Elect: Jessica McClain 
  • Vice President: Maris Hardee

Advisor: Dr. Savannah Duckworth

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) 

Purpose: To foster interest in dermatology as a career among students, connect students with dermatology faculty and residents as mentors, and educate students about dermatological conditions.


  • President: Rachel Wilkinson
  • Vice President: Hannah McCowan
  • Social Media Chair: Emory Wills
  • SPOTs Co-Chairs:
    • Maggie Holmes
    • Carlie Reeves 

Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Jackson

Doctors Without Borders Student Chapter

Purpose: The purpose of the student chapter is to mirror the goals of this great humanitarian organization. DWB/MSF has treated tens of millions of people around the world since its inception in 1971. It is a non-partisan, independent humanitarian organization that aims to bring health care to the far corners of the globe where it is most needed. As a student chapter, we will support the mission of DWB/MSF by hosting meetings, fundraisers, educational events, guest speakers, etc., throughout the year. The ultimate goal is to foster in trust in DWB/MSF at UMMC and bring attention to current issues facing global/public health.


  • President: Scott Camilleri
  • Vice President: Katelyn Powell
  • Secretary: Flannery Voges-Haupt
  • Treasurer: Jay Lemon
  • Events Coordinator: Kenley Cochran
  • Marketing/Publicity Chair: Hadley Thompson


  • Dr. Alan D. Penman

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Purpose: To educate UMMC medical students about the field of emergency medicine, connect students with faculty and residents, and foster support and mentorship in pursuing a career in emergency medicine.


  • President: Kelsey Morgan
  • Vice President: Kyle Kennedy
  • Treasurer: Sydney James
  • Sim Coordinators:
    • Lauren Hopper
    • Luke WoJohn
  • M3 Representative: Emily Burkes
  • M2 Representatives: 
    • Nick Gaouette
    • Emilio Luna-Suarez
    • Jasmine Ware 

Advisor: Dr. Joshua Norman

ENT Student Interest Group

Purpose: The purpose of the ENT Student Interest Group is to provide UMMC medical students with information about the field of otolaryngology and guide future otolaryngologists through the application and Match process. 


  • President: Alex Hammett Rose 


  • Dr. Jeffrey Carron 

Family Medicine

Purpose: To provide medical students opportunities of engagement in the field of family medicine; to network among fellow students interested in primary care; to offer opportunities of engagement in various philanthropic efforts in our community; to further expand clinic skills through workshops and learning opportunities and to bolster the interest of family medicine among students.


  • President: Richard Easterling 
  • Co-Vice Presidents:
    • Daulton Newman
    • Lane Williamson 
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Katie Cranston
  • Community Service Coordinator: Jessica Grady
  • M4 Representatives:
    • Caleb Buckner
    • Jessica Grady
  • M3 Representative: Lauren Billington
  • M2 Representatives: 
    • Morgan Kelly
    • Jana Taylor 


  • Dr. Sheree Melton
  • Andrea Creel 

Food Recovery Network


  • Executive Director and Founder: Mariam Ebeid 
  • Co-Presidents:
    • Mary Helen Haygood
    • Emily Turner 
  • Vice President: Jasmine Ware
  • Volunteer Co-Chairs:
    • Jamie Lewis
    • Avery Watson 
  • Community Outreach Co-Chairs:
    • Chris Glasgow
    • Siri Yarlangadda
  • Social Media Chair: Hannah McCowan

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

FrancoMed French Medical Student Group

Purpose: To foster French language skills and to enhance the knowledge base of French medical terminology for use in the clinic and in the practice of medicine in Francophone countries of humanitarian need.


  • President: Sam Gearhart 
  • Vice President: Courtney Ross 
  • Secretary: 
  • Treasurer: 
  • M4 Class Representatives: Reya Hayek

Future Doctors in Politics Mississippi (fDIP MS) 

Purpose: Empowering future physicians to affect structural and political change that centers the patients and the communities we service. 


  • President: Sunna Savani
  • Vice President: Ian Taylor
  • Secretary: Ivanna Adams-Nelson
  • Policy Director: Seema Murugan
  • Programming Director: Anna Peyton Montesi
  • Advocacy Director: Rachael Pace
  • Communications Director: Davis Rippee 

Advisor: Dr. Claude D. Brunson 

Gastroenterology Student Interest Group

Purpose: To promote and provide exposure to the field of gastroenterology through educational lecture/meetings and shadowing opportunities to medical students.


  • President: Parker Jones
  • Vice President: Megan Dallas
  • Secretary: Timothy Martin
  • Treasurer: Sunny Patel

Advisor: Dr. Nathan Tullos

Geriatrics Interest Group

Purpose: Foster interest and care for the geriatric population among students.


  • President: Will Windham
  • Vice President: Ruth Brooks
  • Secretary: Jon Breaux

Advisor: Dr. Chloe Kilman

Health Career Collaborative (HCC)

Purpose: HCC is designed to bring to life the possibilities of further studies and careers in medicine and the allied health sciences. HCC gives an exciting link between high school students and medical students and other medical professionals.


  • Co-Directors:
    • Jerrian Reedy
    • Lauryn Hooker
  • Secretary: Meredith Johnson
  • Treasurer: De'Arrius Rhymes
  • Curriculum Coordinator: Natasha Burrell


  • Dr. Praise Matemavi
  • Dr. Dan Coleman

Healthy Inside and Out

Purpose: This group aims to teach children in local schools about sun protection, acne, heart health, and other general health practices. We use interactive demonstrations and activities to promote health awareness and early disease prevention.


  • President: Charmin Guy
  • Vice President: Qua'Niya Head

Advisor: Dr. Jarrett Morgan

High Value Care Student Interest Group

Purpose: To provide interactive, clinical education regarding improving patient health, avoiding harms, and eliminating wasteful practices throughout the healthcare system. Further, to provide unique examples of approaches to affordable healthcare through the appropriate use of diagnostic testing and treatments.


  • President: John Salvemini
  • Vice President: Lauren Storm
  • Secretary: Sarah Harris

Advisor: Dr. Brett Jeter

History of Medicine Interest Group (HMIG)

Purpose: The History of Medicine Interest group is a student-led organization that is dedicated to celebrating the history of medicine and its development. HMIG is an academic program that is open to students from the UMMC School of Medicine. HMIG strives to provide students with an opportunity to attend presentations and lectures by physicians who have had the significant impact on medical history, to attend historical field trips and tours of sites with significant medical history, and to provide interested students with available research opportunities tasked with exploring and preserving the history of medicine. 


  • President: Rachel Kuespert 
  • Vice President: William Windham

Advisor: Dr. Amy Forbes

HomeRun Collaboration

Purpose: The HomeRun program is a student-led collaboration between the UMMC School of Medicine and the Jackson Public School district, creating opportunities for medical students to teach lessons and activities based upon the goals provided by the teachers. This structure allows medical students to use their creativity and experience in their lessons and activities, while meeting the curricular needs of the teachers. The lesson objectives are focused on areas of science, medicine, preventive health, and self-management. The teaching opportunities create bridges into the local communities, giving students an opportunity to interact with young doctors-in-training, and allowing them to see how a love of science, medicine, and scholarship can be applied to their lives and future careers and opportunities.


  • Director(s):
    • James Clayton Pride (JC) 
    • Bailey Seals

Advisor: Dr. Michael McMullan 

Internal Medicine Journal Club

Purpose: The Internal Medicine Journal Club is a student led journal club that strives to promote scholarly discussion of new research in clinical medicine as well as foster a mindset of life long learning. 


  • President: Aram Seo 
  • Vice President: Bismah Hassan
  • Secretary: Renira Rugnath
  • Treasurer: Marilyn Pigott
  • Research Chair: Maggie Holmes

Advisor: Dr. Brett Jeter 

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Purpose: Our purpose is to enlighten and inspire careers in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.


  • President: Graham Hodge
  • Vice President: 
  • Secretary: Mary Harvey
  • Treasurer: Brent Ferguson
  • Community Coordinator/Social Media: Monica Kala 

Advisor: Dr. Jasmine T. Kency

Jackson Community Response 

Purpose: The Jackson Community Response works with community partners to provide food as well as health/safety supplies to vulnerable populations in the Jackson area. We serve the elderly, immunocompromised population, financially strained, Jackson Public School students and more.  


  • Executive Director: Luci Makamson
  • Administrative Director: Hunter King
  • Logistics Directors:
    • Jordan King
    • Hannah McCowen
  • Communications Director: Mackenzie Miller


  • Dr. Felicitas L. Koller
  • Alexa A. Engel

Jackson Free Clinic (JFC)


  • Chief Academic Officer/Chair of Executive Board: Hali Peterson
  • Chief Operations Officer: Kymberlee Evans
  • Chief Financial Officer: Dion Kevin 
  • Chief Outreach Officer: Sunna Savani
  • Chief Specialty Services Officer: Melanie Baker
  • Medical Director: Dr. Thais Tonore 

Latino Medical Student Association - UMMC Chapter

Purpose: The purpose of LMSA UMMC chapter is to promote the interests and support of those students who identify themselves as underrepresented minority students of the University of Mississippi Medical Center through social, cultural, educational, political and other activities.


  • President: Emilio Luna-Suarez
  • Vice President: Edgar D. Uribe Sanchez

Advisor: Dr. Licy Yanes Cardozo

Literati Medicus (Humanism in Medicine Book Club)

Purpose: Allow students (M3s and M4s) to meet and discuss issues and have a safe place to debrief about medical issues and questions.


  • Co-Chairs:
    • Olivia Becker
    • Ashley Gnam
    • Marilyn Pigott
Advisor: Dr. John Caleb Grenn

Medical Genetics

Purpose: The purpose of the UMMC SOM Medical Genetics Student Interest Group shall be to educate medical students on the field of Medical Genetics and to provide opportunities for medical students to participate in activities related to the field of Medical Genetics including, but not limited to: arranged shadowing, research, faculty/staff seminars, discussions, and/or panels, patient panels, and community outreach. 


  • President: Hannah O'Bryan
  • Vice President: Alyssa Rondinelli
  • Treasurer: Alex Carlyle
  • Faculty Liaison: Barrett Aldridge 
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Jay Lemon
  • Rare Disease Day Coordinator: Caleb McCreary
  • Social Media Manager: Sarah Grace Brownlee
  • M1 Representative: Anna Lee Bullock
  • M2 Representative: Nazm Rahat
  • M3 Representative: Cameron Hunt

Advisor: Dr. Laura Hendon

Medical Spanish Interest Group 

Purpose: To teach medical Spanish for students of all levels and promote Hispanic culture awareness.


  • President: Richard Ungo
  • Vice President: Brandon McDaniels


  • Dr. Licy L. Yanes

Music and Medicine

Purpose: Music and Medicine aims to establish a musical community on UMMC's campus to explore music's relationship to medicine, attend local performances, and perform concerts for local residents.


  • President: Madison Hansen 
  • Vice-President: Cody Gressett
  • Treasurer: David Uribe


  • Dr. C. LaToya Mason 

Neurosurgery Interest Group 

Purpose: To foster education and interest in the neurosurgical profession.


  • President: Austin Robbins

Advisor: Dr. Kristin Weaver

OB-GYN Student Interest Group

Purpose: The OB-GYN student interest group serves to foster an interest in the field and to facilitate a better understanding of the practice and its subspecialties. This will be achieved through professional contacts, exposure to clinical experience and interaction with the department. The OB-GYN interest group will strive to meet the interests and needs of all medical students at UMMC who are interested in a career in this field.


  • President: Bradley Munn 
  • Vice President: Felicia Gordon
  • Secretary: Sunny Fowler
  • Treasurer: Jenny Stapel 
  • ACOG Representative: Darby Whitney
  • Advocacy Co-Chairs:
    • Ivanna Adams-Nelson
    • Kierra Jones
  • Co-Events Coordinators:
    • Mia McFadden
    • Judi Beth McMillan
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Kaysie Winston
  • Meeting Coordinator: Sydney Hays
  • Research Liaison: Lindley Williams
  • Social Media: Rachel Rocray
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Ellie Hamilton
  • M4 Representatives:
    • Mikayla Pracht
    • Alex Smith
  • M3 representative: Allena Boyd
  • M2 Representatives:
    • Ruby Hall
    • Emilio Luna-Suarez

Advisor: Dr. Rachael Morris

Oncology Student Interest Group 

Purpose: The Oncology Student Interest Group (OncSIG) is set up to provide students opportunities to meet and learn from physicians, fellows, residents, and researchers about the different fields of oncology. These include: medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, orthopedic oncology as well as clinical and basic research. 


  • President: Santana Holloway
  • Vice President: Brooke McKnight 
  • Secretary: Will Jones 
  • Treasurer: Andria Nanney
  • M4 Representative: Joe Pongetti
  • M3 Representative: Erin McDevitt 
  • M2 Representative: Andrew Ladner
  • M1 Representative: Owen Ivan 

Advisor: Dr. Srinivasan Vijayakumar

Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG)

Purpose: To provide exposure and resources of the field of ophthalmology to interested medical students.


  • President: Ford Gordon
  • Vice President: Mollie Merrell

Advisor: Dr. Jay Craddock

Orthopaedic Preparation Program (OPP) 

Purpose: The aim of this group is to help students gain a realistic perspective of the orthopaedic field early in their medical education. The Orthopaedic Preparation Program will provide a forum where students at UMMC can discuss topics relevant to the musculoskeletal system, obtain current information regarding orthopaedic residency programs, and to connect with mentors to gain advice on pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery.


  • President: Drew Carter 
  • Vice President: Kelly Bonner 
  • Financial and Event Coordinator: Ashley Gnam 
  • Secretary: Steele Liles 


  • Khristina Lang
  • Amy Kraus

Pathology Interest Group

Purpose: To expand awareness and interest among students about the field of pathology. This organization also encourages students to consider pathology as a career and allows interested students to make contacts with faculty and residents. We also seek to raise awareness among students about the crucial role that pathology plays in modern medical practice. 


  • President: Emily Cobb
  • Vice President: Karson Pettit
  • Secretary: John Overton
  • Treasurer: Ruth Brooks


  • Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Neha Varshney
  • Resident Liaison: Dr. Nazar Rahmanov

Patient P.A.L.S.

Purpose: Patient P.A.L.S. is a student-led program set up for M1 and M2 students in cooperation with UMMC's Office of Patient Experience and Volunteer Services. Patient PALS allows M1 and M2 students to get personal one on one interactions with hospitalized patients in a non-medical aspect here at UMMC. This program not only gives medical students the opportunity to further develop their interpersonal skills but also allows patients to enjoy the company of someone who is not there solely to give them medical treatment.


  • Coordinator: Nicki Lawson


  • Dr. Jarrett Morgan

Pediatric Interest Group

Purpose: Aims to provide medical students with exposure to pediatrics through community service, monthly speakers, and shadowing/hands-on procedural events.


  • President: Siri Yarlagadda
  • Vice President: Brooke McKnight
  • Secretary: Sarah Chase Dulske
  • Treasurer: Emilio Suarez
  • Community Service Chairs: 
    • Sarah Lawson
    • Alex Riddick
  • Batson Liaisons:
    • Isabella Pittman
    • Anika Faruque
    • Mary Grace Bass
  • AAP Representatives:  
    • Simmy Vig
    • Rand Henderson
    • Jordan King
  • Events Chair: Katelyn Jackson

Advisor: Dr. Claire Gilliam 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group 

Purpose: To provide exposure and insight into the field of PM&R for medical students in an effort to build understanding and interest in the speciality.


  • President: Brycen Scott

Advisor: Dr. Hyung Kim and Dr. Jennifer Villacorta

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group 

Purpose: To expose medical students to the specialty of plastic surgery and provide a forum for engagement with attendings, residents, and older medical students involved in the specialty.


  • Co-Presidents:
    • Niki Patel
    • Jack Sudduth

Advisor: Dr. Benjamin McIntyre

Preventive Medicine and Population Health

Purpose: To increase awareness of and foster interest in preventive medicine, lifestyle medicine, and population health education, research, and career opportunities.


  • President: Kaleb Barnes
  • Vice President: Richard Easterling
  • Secretary: Sarah Stroup
  • Treasurer: Lora Nason


  • Dr. Joshua Mann
  • Dr. Josie Bidwell
  • Dr. Charles Chima

Procedural Simulation Interest Group

Purpose: To better the technical and clinical competency through offering education and hands on experience with important procedural skills. 


  • President: Sam Gearhart
  • Vice President: Anna Seidenburg
  • Secretary: Frances Lawson
  • Treasurer: Karam Rahat
  • M2 Representative: Amia Green
  • M1 Representative: Katie Weeks 


  • Dr. Jeff Orledge

Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PsychSIG)

Purpose: To nurture the psychiatric interests of our membership and to facilitate broader student education and understanding of psychiatry across campus.


  • President: Kelsey Morgan
  • Vice President: Sophia Maneck 
  • Treasurer: Dax Bushway
  • Secretary: Galina Ostrovsky 
  • JFC Psychiatry Liaison: Alexis Meadors 
  • M3 Representative: William Sistrunk 
  • M2 Representative: Ian Taylor 


  • Dr. Sara Gleason
  • Dr. Osman Athar 

Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

Purpose: To increase exposure to radiology early in medical school to encourage participation in the radiology curriculum and prepare students applying to the field of radiology.


  • President: Matt Donald
  • Vice President: Logan Ryals
  • Secretary: Amye McDonald
  • Outreach Chair: Zach Wilson
  • Research Chair: Allie Kerby
  • Rad-Teaches Chair: Johnny Yang

Advisor: Dr. Brandon Weatherly

Reproductive Health Association

Purpose: To increase education, awareness, and open discussion regarding issues of reproductive health and to support those within the medical community who are working to ensure the availability of all reproductive health care services. We work to address all aspects of reproductive health and its intersections in society on reproductive justice and patient autonomy.


  • President: Gabrielle Chamoun
  • Vice President: Madyson Brown

Advisor: Audra Schaefer

Rural Medicine Interest Group

Purpose: The purpose of the Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG) is to advocate for the medically underserved rural populations of Mississippi while educating medical students about rural medicine and equipping them for a future as a rural physician. Additionally, RMIG believes it is important to shed light on all of the medical needs in rural Mississippi, including the need for primary care and specialty doctors, screening and preventative medicine and more. RMIG aims to foster collaborations with students and rural physicians in the area in order to further conversations for expanding adequate medical care for all individuals in underserved populations in Mississippi. 


  • President: Shelby Swede
  • Vice President: Aubrey Smyly
  • Secretary: Jana Taylor
  • Treasurer: Cailey Crawford 
  • Community Service: Joseph Cook

Advisor: Dakota Bibbs

Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society

Purpose: To promote the professional development of women in orthopaedics throughout all stages of their careers.


  • President: Elyse Smith
  • Vice President: Abby Koons
  • Secretary: Alice McCraney
  • Treasurer: Kayla Ryan

Advisor: Dr. Lori K. Reed

Student Health Coalition of Mississippi

Purpose: The Student Health Coalition (SHC) is a student-led, non-profit (501-c3) created to promote public health, improve health literacy, and provide health professional students with an opportunity to connect to their communities within the state of Mississippi. We provide free health screenings to adult and child Mississippians at festivals, places of worship, schools, and housing authorities. Adult screenings include blood pressure, blood glucose, and BMI measurements. Screenings for children mainly consist of vision and hearing. We address food deserts in our state with our Dollar Geneal Cookbook.


  • President: Isabella Kelly
  • Vice President: Jordan White
  • Communications: Grace Howell
  • Communications: Samranjit Kaur


  • Dr. Brian Williams 

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Purpose: To make medical students aware of opportunities available in the field of Neurology. To further neurological knowledge of medical students. To provide opportunities for medical students to participate in activities related to the field of Neurology including: discussions by Neurologists, patient presentations, seminars, journal clubs, learning materials, and arranged shadowing of Neurologists in the workplace.


  • President: Connor Bluntson
  • Vice President: Elelia Phillips
  • Community Service Chair: Blake Windham 
  • Media Chair: Ryan Pinosky 


  • Dr. Sukriye Damla Kara

Student Research Interest Group

Purpose: The research interest group will be a group to help facilitate medical student involvement with research at UMMC and better inform students of the various projects and programs to get involved with as students. The group's main objective will be to educate M1 students on the different types of research projects they can be involved in and help connect them with labs in areas of science that they are interested in.


  • President: Jay Warren
  • Vice President: Drew Mulkey
  • Member at Large: Chis Glasgow


  • Dr. Hannah Broome 

Student Stitchers

Purpose: To teach those interested how to crochet, knit, or embroider. With those learned skills, students can then use them for multiple projects. Our main goal is to set up a volunteer program where students can spend time with long-term-stay patients in the hospital and teach them to do one of the three listed above. This is an enriching opportunity for both students and patients.


  • President: Ruby Hall


  • Dr. Ellen Robertson
  • Dr. Audra Schaefer

Student Physicians for Social Responsibility (sPSR) 

Purpose: Student Physicians for Social Responsibility promotes environmental justice, addresses social disparities and advocates for a peaceful and secure world. Our goals are to increase awareness of the adverse health effects related to climate change and other environmental factors. In addition to promoting a sense of community between UMMC students, faculty, staff and the city of Jackson to clean the environment. 


  • President: Hina Qureshi
  • Vice President: Kaval Patel 
  • Treasurer: Abbie Macoy
  • Secretary: Frances Lawson
  • Speaker Liaison: Andrew del Castillo
  • Volunteer Liaison: Shweta Chawla
  • Social Media: Sariya Khan 

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

Surgery Interest Group 

Purpose: To foster an interest in the field of surgery and to facilitate a better understanding of the practice of surgery and its subspecialties through professional contacts, exposure to the operative experience and an accurate representation of the lifestyle of a surgeon. The Surgery Interest Group will strive to meet the interests and needs of all medical students at UMMC's School of Medicine who are interested in the field of surgery.


  • President: Rachel Pace 
  • Vice President: Lindsay Rexrode 
  • Secretary: Natilyn Hasty
  • Treasurer: Kyle Kantor

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Moreman

Technology in Medicine (TIM)

Purpose: To help students build a groundwork of understanding and familiarity with innovative medical technology; to expose medical students to the evolution of a medical device from idea to invention; to encourage growth in professionalism, networking, and community involvement for our members; to provide hands-on experience through workshops.


  • President: Reed Bigham 

Telehealth Education Interest Group 

Purpose: To foster the integration of telehealth and digital health into a multidisciplinary education by providing a pipeline for student involvement and facilitating a broader understanding of telehealth through insights from a continuum of healthcare professionals. 


  • Co-President: 
  • Co-President: Steele Liles

Advisor: Dr. Richard Summers

Tennis Interest Club 

Purpose: To connect UMMC students of all skill levels who are interested in learning or playing the sport of tennis. 


  • President: Sam Patton
  • President Emeritus: Brandon Huddleston

Advisor: Dr. Wesley Wilson

UMMC Biking Club

Purpose: The UMMC Biking Club offers students and faculty at The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) an opportunity to actively learn, participate in and enjoy various types of biking. It will also serve as a body to raise money to provide physical exercise equipment for local underserved schools. 


  • President: Matthew Pinto
  • Vice President: Ruhi Randhawa 
  • Treasurer: Christopher Turley

Advisor: Dr. Robert Hester 

UMMC CARES (Child Advocates Relentlessly Empowering Survivors)

Purpose: To help bring awareness and to educate future physicians on the prevalence and impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) as well as the role they can play in changing the face of medicine.


  • President: Emily Morgan Davis
  • Vice-President: Katelyn Barnes Powell

Advisor: Dr. Rosalyn Brownlee

UMMC Chess Club

Purpose: To organize chess tournaments, play, and teach chess.


  • President: Kyle Kantor
  • Vice-President: Darian Raucher

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

UMMC Gift of Life

Purpose: Per Gift of Life: "Improve the quality of life of patients awaiting transplantation by maximizing the availability of donor organs and tissues while upholding the highest medical, legal, ethical and fiscal standards."

The UMMC Chapter aims to establish a new donor population including students from all of UMMC's affiliated schools. We plan to start a yearly donor drive directed at people between the age of 18-35. After firmly establishing donor drives on UMMC campus, we plan to expand drives to local colleges and high schools. Future plans include semesterly in-person lunch meetings with presentations by UMMC faculty about current topics in oncology, hematology, stem cells, etc. 


  • President: Flannery Voges-Haupt
  • Vice-President: Darian Raucher
  • Secretary: Advait Praveen
  • Treasurer: Brice Utley
  • Social Media Chair: Shade Smith 

Advisor: Dr. Vince Herrin 

UMMC Global Brigades Medical Chapter

Purpose: to support the medical mission efforts of Global Brigades as well as the members participating in international brigades where they will provide medical care to resource-poor countries.


  • Chapter Founder: Carlie Reeves
  • Chapter Leader: Leah Cook
  • Social Media Chair: Avery Watson
  • Fundraising Chair: Elizabeth McKee 

Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Jackson 

UMMC Group on Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS) 

Purpose: The mission of the UMMC's Group on Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS) is to advance the full and successful participation and inclusion of women faculty and learners within academic medicine. The local UMMC GWIMS chapter supports the mission of the AAMC to improve the health of all by serving as a national forum to promote policies, practices, and programs that advance women's successful participation and inclusion. 


  • President: Dr. Erin Dehon
  • President-Elect: Dr. Hanna Broome
  • Past-President: Dr. Kimberly Bibb
  • Programming Chair: Dr. Denise Cornelius
  • Awards Chair: Dr. Ana Palei
  • Mentoring Chair: Dr. Lorena Amaral
  • Membership Chair: Dr. Michelle Sheth
  • Secretary: Josie Alston
  • SOM Student Representative: 
  • SGGHS Student Representative: Kadie Nobles 

Advisor: Dr. Juanyce Taylor

UMMC Metaphysicians

Purpose: The purpose of this group is to explore questions and situations pertinent to medicine through the lens of philosophy, both past and present. It is our sincere hope to examine such issues without preconceived answers or foregone conclusions, but rather to pursue topics ranging from epistemology to ethics from an objective and unbiased vantage. 


  • President: Cal Wilkerson

Advisor: Dr. Patrick Hopkins

UMMC Pacemakers (Running Group) 

Purpose: To establish a fun and rewarding experience for medical students to engage with the Jackson community. In doing so, this organization aims to bring runners together through competition and camaraderie in hopes of creating a healthy and enthusiastic atmosphere. We will strive to move Mississippi in a positive direction one step at a time!


  • President: Moses Lam
  • Vice President: Emily Cobb
  • Secretary: Cameron Hunt
  • Treasurer: Peter Martin
  • Marketing & Publicity: John Overton 

Advisor: Dr. Michael McMullan


UMMC Pride

Purpose: UMMC Pride is an organization that focuses on LGBTQ+ individuals and the issues they face. We strive for education, understanding, and acceptance by promoting outreach, volunteerism, and clinical experience. We teach our members how to give sensitive care, as well as making efforts to prioritize service in our LGBTQ+ community.


  • Co-Presidents: Gracie Hubacek/Gabrielle Chamoun
  • Secretary: Ian Taylor
  • Treasurer: Zachary Kinler
  • Fundraising Chair: Rachel Royston
  • M4 Representative: Andrew Hopkins
  • M3 Representative:Will Bryant
  • M2 Representative: Kymberlee Evans 
  • M1 Representative: 

Advisor: Dr. Scott Rodgers

University of Mississippi Vascular Surgery Interest Group

Purpose: We strive to equip aspiring medical professionals with the knowledge and insight necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of vascular health and surgery.


  • President: Lillian Sisson

Advisor: Dr. Mrinal Shukla

Urology Interest Group 

Purpose: To introduce medical students to the surgical specialty of Urology. We strive to promote communication among members and Urology faculty. We will discuss careers in Urology, advancements in Urology, and the Urology residency application process. We will also work closely with the Department of Urology to connect students with shadowing, mentoring, and research opportunities.


  • President: Wilson Benton 
  • Vice President: Jacob Garrett 
  • Secretary: Coleman Killorin


  • Dr. Christopher Bean
  • Dr. Charles Pound

Wellness Integration Committee 

Purpose: To organize and promote resources pertaining to the subject of wellness  to UMMC medical students. This includes efforts to improve student experience, promote positive lifestyle changes, and education on the integration of wellness into the practice of healthcare. 


  • President: Matt Donald 
  • Vice President: Clay Moss
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Affan Rizwan
  • Committee Liaison: Emily Cobb 

Advisor: Dr. Danny Burgess

Wilderness Medicine

Purpose: To improve management of remote and improvised care of patients with routine or exotic illness/trauma with limited resources and delayed evacuation to definitive care.


  • President: Chris Glasgow 
  • Vice President: Easton Sheffield 
  • Treasurer: Joe Natalizio
  • Fundraising: Chris Nutter
  • Class Rep: Becht Rowell

Advisor: Dr. John McCarter

Women in Radiology

Purpose: The purpose of the Women in Radiology group is to increase exposure to radiology early in medical school in order to encourage participation in the M3 radiology elective. The goal of this group is to increase early exposure to the field for women and anyone else who may be part of a population considered to be underrepresented in radiology. We typically do at least one meeting per semester and plan to have more interactive sessions either virtual or in person where women can receive advice from female mentors within radiology. 


  • President: Aubrey Smyly
  • Vice President: Michelle Basha

Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Taylor