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Student Interest Groups

Below is a list of available student interest groups. Contact the SOM Office of Student Affairs for a student interest group registration form.

Academic Medicine Interest Group (AMIG)

Purpose: A student-run organization that seeks to educate UMMC medical students about careers in academic medicine, generate student interest in academics and research, and encourage students to incorporate academic activities into their careers as future physicians. AMIG holds monthly meetings during which students will have the opportunity to listen to speakers from various specialties and engage in discussions exploring concepts of the triad of academic medicine - education, patient care, and research. AMIG also focuses on providing resources such as career planning, shadowing/research opportunities, and developing relationships with faculty through mentorship programs. Other benefits include workshops, journal clubs, and opportunities to travel and work with students and faculty at other organizations and institutions who share our interests in promoting careers in academic medicine.


  • President: Emily Nonnemacher
  • Vice president: Nick Gilbert
  • Secretary: Rachel Yi
  • Director of research and education: Russell Roberts
  • Surgery faculty liaison: Rob Dambrino
  • Medicine faculty liaison: Kayla Richter


  • Dr. Sharon Douglas
  • Dr. Savannah Duckworth


Purpose: The mission of the Anesthesiology Interest Group at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is to help students gain a better understanding of all the career possibilities within the exciting field of anesthesiology. The Anesthesiology Interest Group works with UMMC's Department of Anesthesiology to help carry out this mission through meetings, activities and projects that are designed to offer students more exposure to the field of anesthesiology.

  • President: Avani Patel
  • Co-vice presidents: Wesley Youngblood and Kate Harriel
  • Simulation coordinator: John Yi
  • Secretary: Niki Patel


  • Dr. Kristen Bell
  • Dr. Latoya Mason

Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)

Purpose: The mission of the Association of Women Surgeons is to inspire, encourage, and enable women surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals.


  • President: Samantha Whitwell
  • Vice president: Sarah Farmer
  • Secretary: Rachael Kuehn
  • Treasurer: Ana Gayle Christian
  • Community outreach chair: Harman Kaur


  • Dr. Felicitas Koller
  • Dr. Shuntaye Batson

Biannual African American Visit Day Organization

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to address an article written by the AMA in 2015 that addressed the problem of the decrease of African American males in the medical profession. We are dedicated to doing things to help increase the number of minorities interested/attending medical school. Our biggest event is our AA Visit Days that we hold in the fall and spring of every academic year in which we bring college and high school student to UMMC and introduce them to medicine and assist them in overcoming any barriers that may exist between them and pursuing a career in medicine.


  • Co-organizers:
    • Jamarius Waller
    • Michael Chiadika
    • Jeremy Stocks

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Manuel

Bioinformatics Collaborative

Purpose: The Bioinformatics Collaborative provides a monthly discussion forum for bioinformatics, computational biology, and data science related journal articles, topics, research projects, and conferences in the context of clinical/translational research, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, population health, and other research or clinical disciplines. We aim to promote informal interactions between bioinformatics enthusiasts, expose students and researchers to current topics and tools in bioinformatics, and to foster internal and external collaborations.


  • Co-founders:
    • Robert Gilmore
    • Shaurita Hutchins
  • Organizer: Gouri Mahajan

Advisor: Dr. Eric Vallender

Black Representation in Medicine (BRIM)

Purpose: The purpose of the Black Representation in Medicine (BRIM) program is to increase the number of African-American men and women who apply, gain admission, and successfully matriculate into graduate programs related to healthcare professions, specifically medicine.


  • President: Anissa Butler
  • Vice president: Breland Crudup
  • Secretary: Kandice Bailey
  • Social media coordinator: Skiey Hardin
  • Mentoring coordinator: Jazmyn Shaw


  • Dr. Stephen Manuel


Purpose: To enlighten students in the subspecialty of cardiology through guest speakers discussing their career and to provide community service through the Jackson Heart Walk.


  • President: David Wilbanks
  • Vice president: Muz Khawaja
  • Secretary: Resham Rahat

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Skelton

Climate and Health Advocacy Group

Purpose: Climate change presents a clear and present threat to human health. We as physicians are responsible for the health of our patients, and we believe that it is out responsibility to educate our peers and patients on both how climate change will affect them and how they can reduce their impact on our planet.


  • President: Jack Culbertson
  • Vice president: Walker Stayer
  • Treasurer: Aleysh Alejandro
  • Secretary: Hasna Khandekar

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

Club Med

Purpose: To promote communication among members and faculty. To obtain information about careers in internal medicine. To promote the profession of internal medicine. To serve the medical school and campus public. To promote student membership in the American College of Physicians (ACP).


  • President: Peyton Reves
  • President-elect: Melinda Talley
  • Community service chairs:
    • Vy Mai
    • Laura Martin
    • Bijal Patel
    • Taylor Moore
  • M4 class representatives:
    • Hannah Burson
    • Pooja Chawla
    • Brandon Bunol
    • Lyon Brown
  • M3 class representatives:
    • Bethany Summerford
    • Stephen Amann
  • M2 class representatives:
    • Priyanka Parajuli
    • Nathan Usry
    • Weston Eldridge

Advisor: Dr. Savannah Duckworth


Purpose: To foster interest in dermatology as a career among students, connect students with dermatology faculty and residents as mentors, and educate students about dermatological conditions.


  • Co-presidents:
    • Drew Desrosiers
    • Hannah Badon
  • Secretary: Bonnie Hodge
  • Treasurer: James Roberts

Advisor: Dr. Robert Brodell

Doctors Without Borders Student Chapter

Purpose: The purpose of the student chapter is to mirror the goals of this great humanitarian organization. DWB/MSF has treated tens of millions of people around the world since its inception in 1971. It is a non-partisan, independent humanitarian organization that aims to bring health care to the far corners of the globe where it is most needed. As a student chapter, we will support the mission of DWB/MSF by hosting meetings, fundraisers, educational events, guest speakers, etc., throughout the year. The ultimate goal is to foster in trust in DWB/MSF at UMMC and bring attention to current issues facing global/public health.


  • President: Mark Lewis
  • Vice president: Andrew Del Castillo

Advisor: Dr. Alan D. Penman


Purpose: To relieve stress through any form of crafting, primarily crocheting and/or knitting. All creations should be donated to the VA CLC.


  • Founder(s):
    • Kaitlyn Salter
    • Ronnie Jett Case II
    • Anna Beth Bryant


  • Virginia Covington
  • Jan Simpson

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Purpose: To introduce the field of Emergency Medicine and its subspecialty to students. Our members are given the unique opportunity to observe/shadow in the ER from their 1st year onwards. This will give them ample time to decide if emergency medicine is the right field for them.


  • President: Brent Treadway
  • Vice president: Laura Lee Beneke
  • Secretary: Nykia Porter
  • Treasurer: Alex Meyer
  • Shadowing coordinator: Logan Ramsey
  • Activities coordinator: Taylor Allen
  • Community service coordinator: Caleb Martin


  • Dr. Allison Barrett
  • Dr. Jonah Gunalda

eNable UMMC

Purpose: A student-led chapter of the eNable volunteer national community dedicated to the fabrication and design of affordable prostheses and orthotics for those in need. Students will participate in outreach efforts, design meetings, 3-D printing, and fundraising to carry out the chapter's goal of providing a "helping hand" to the state of Mississippi and surrounding areas.


  • President: Reed Bigham
  • Vice president: Dylan Tribolet
  • Coordinator of outreach: Yousef Hreish
  • Director of operations: Cal Wilkerson


  • Terrence Hibbert
  • Benjamin Stronach

ENT Student Interest Group

Purpose: To advise and guide future otolaryngologists through the application and Match process.


  • Co-presidents:
    • Robert Wineski
    • Joseph "Alex" deGruy
  • Vice president: Benjamin Stevens
  • Secretary: Marlee Wadsworth
  • Treasurer: Alexa Engel

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Carron

Family Medicine

Purpose: To inform medical students about the practice of family medicine and to have a central organization that allows students interested in the field of family medicine to meet and encourage one another.


  • President: Will Casey
  • Vice president: Craig Bullock
  • Secretary: Katrina Johnson
  • Treasurer: Justin Dyer
  • Events coordinators:
    • Van-Vi Le
    • Leah Burch
  • Community service coordinators:
    • Falon McKnight
    • Jordan Cothern
  • M4 representative: Brad Murray
  • M3 representative: Ethan Collier
  • M2 Representative - Brooks Pratt

Advisor: Dr. David Norris

FrancoMed, Medical French Student Group

Purpose: To enhance the knowledge base and proficiency of French medical terminology for clinical use and the practice of medicine in French-speaking areas of humanitarian need.


  • President: Kate Garner
  • Co-vice presidents:
    • Danielle Brown
    • Colton Lee

Advisor: Dr. J.R. Colvin


Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

Purpose: To educate medical students, residents, and faculty about health disparities in our local community and around the world by hosting a monthly lecture series. GHIG also seeks to connect students to mission opportunities and to provide financial support to students engaged in medical missions work.


  • President: Abbey Arcement
  • Vice president: Harman Kaur
  • Treasurer: Jessie Patel
  • Co-secretary:
    • Bridget Cheng
    • Shelby Walters
  • Community outreach:
    • Bethany Summerford
    • Kelsey Pettus

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

Hippocratic Forum

Purpose: To foster interprofessional relationships and understanding, as well as learn about alternative views and professions in the medical community.


  • President: Falan McKnight
  • Secretary: Brent Treadway
  • Sentinel: Shelby Walters
  • Interprofessional committee:
    • Callie Grey
    • Hala Abisamra
  • Alternative POI:
    • Peyton Reves
    • Taylor Allen

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

History of Medicine Interest Group (HMIG)

Purpose: The History of Medicine Interest group is a student led organization that is dedicated to celebrating the history of medicine and its development. HMIG is an academic program that is open to students from any of the university's professional programs. HMIG strives to provide students with an opportunity to attend presentations and lectures by physicians who have had a significant impact on medical history. HMIG is also dedicated to providing interested students with available research opportunities tasked with preserving the history of medicine.


  • Founder/President: Alexis Griffith

Advisor: Dr. Ralph H. Didlake

HomeRun Collaboration

Purpose: The HomeRun program is a student-led collaboration between the UMMC School of Medicine and the Jackson Public School district, creating opportunities for medical students to teach lessons and activities based upon the goals provided by the teachers. This structure allows medical students to use their creativity and experience in their lessons and activities, while meeting the curricular needs of the teachers. The lesson objectives are focused on areas of science, medicine, preventive health, and self-management. The teaching opportunities create bridges into the local communities, giving students an opportunity to interact with young doctors-in-training, and allowing them to see how a love of science, medicine, and scholarship can be applied to their lives and future careers and opportunities.


  • Co-leader:
    • Kelsey P. Berry
    • David M. Caballero

Humanities and Medicine

Purpose: To give medical students an opportunity to incorporate the humanities (history, art, literature, philosophy, etc.) into their study of medicine and inspire them to consider the comprehensive human experience of each patient in their future practice of medicine.


  • President: Stephen Grado
  • Co-vice president:
    • David Duff
    • Savannah Mitchell
  • Secretary: Erin Dyer
  • Treasurer: Omama Ahmad

Advisor: Dr. Tarif Bakdash

Internal Medicine Student Journal Club


  • Meredith Jordan
  • Courtney Mullins
  • Griffin Metcalf

Advisor: Dr. Brett Jeter

Jackson Free Clinic


  • Student director: Logan Ramsey
  • Secretary: Morgan Davis
  • Treasurer: Jack Fitzpatrick
  • Community relations:
    • Patrick Wood
    • John Bobo
  • Physician volunteer coordinators:
    • Mary Elizabeth Butts
    • Tori Calcote
  • Grant writing:
    • Sean Himel
    • Sara Kiparizoska
  • Structure: Daniel Patterson
  • Education:
    • Annie Folks
    • Tiffany Martin
  • Student volunteer coordinators:
    • Hannah Miller
    • Ford Franklin
    • Monica Nguyen
  • Acquisitions:
    • Brent Treadway
    • Connor Tierney
    • Aalaap Desai
  • Research: John Yi
  • Information technology: Hobart Zhu
  • SHRP:
    • Alyssa Bryant
    • Sydney Battle
  • Dental:
    • Reagan McNerney
    • William Smith
  • Pharmacy:
    • Laura Nerren
    • Meghan Wagner
  • Medical Director: Dr. David Norris

Life Support - The Wellness Initiative of the Gold Humanism Honor Society

Purpose: To promote and support wellness among medical students by establishing mentorship between M3s and M4s.


  • President: Meredith Jordan
  • Chair of projects: Hannah Miller
  • Chair of ceremonies: Morgan Davis
  • Chair of wellness: Bonnie Hodge

Advisor: Lyssa Weatherly

Literati Medicus (Book Club)

Purpose: Book club for third and fourth year medical students centered around reading books that evoke discussions of humanism in medicine, as well as other topics relevant in society today.


  • Co-chairs:
    • Pooja Chawla
    • Meredith Jordan
    • Megan Fasick
    • Jasmine Padgett
Advisor: Sharon Douglas

Medical Spanish (Club de Espanol)

Purpose: To provide a forum for students to discuss topics regarding the Spanish language, develop skills in interpreting and expressing thoughts and ideas in written and spoken Spanish, and to increase the number of health care providers who can effectively communicate with the institution's Spanish speaking population.


  • President: Caleb White

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

Medical Student Cancer Interest Group

Purpose: To promote interest in cancer care, research; promote communication among members and faculty; obtain information about careers in medical oncology and malignant hematology; promote the profession of medical oncology; serve the medical school and campus public.

Advisor: John Clark Henegan

Medical Student Infectious Diseases Interest Group

Purpose: To increase student interest in the field of infectious diseases (ID), allow students interested in the field of ID to learn about career and volunteer opportunities, and connect students with ID faculty and fellows as mentors.


  • Co-president:
    • Bridget E. Cheng
    • Denise E. Powell


  • Dr. Jose Lucar
  • Dr. James "Ben" Brock

MSMA/AMA - Medical Student Section

Purpose: To promote the involvement of medical students in organized medicine, advocacy at a local and national level, as well as community service for the promotion and betterment of public health.


  • President: Mary Elizabeth Butts
  • Vice president: Kandice Bailey
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Drew Desrosiers
  • Community outreach chair: Wesley Youngblood
  • Chapter delegate: William Ross

Advisor: Sharon Douglas


Purpose: To foster professional growth and career development of members of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine who are interested in the field of neurosurgery.


  • President: Rob Dambrino
  • Vice president: Zach Johnson

Advisor: Dr. Chad Washington


Purpose: To bring medical students interested in women's health care together, along with providing opportunities for other medical students to learn topics concerning women's health care. We also strive to do volunteer work in the community, especially in areas that would benefit women and women's health care. The OB/GYN Interest group works closely with the OB/GYN department at UMMC to ensure medical students interested in OB/GYN have access to advice and support from the department residents and staff. We are affiliated with the AL-MS ACOG section and attend events sponsored and supported by AL-MS ACOG.


  • President: Kate Hall
  • Vice president: Rachel Kuehn
  • Secretary: Tori Wilson
  • Treasurer: Haley McCool
  • Volunteer coordinator: Shelby Claire Liddell
  • ACOG representative: Shelby Walters
  • Meeting coordinator: Alexis Witcher
  • Social media coordinator: Hannah Whitlock
  • M2 representative: Ashley Noblin


  • Dr. Elizabeth Lutz
  • Dr. Paul Moore


Purpose: To provide students with opportunities to meet and learn from physicians, fellows, residents, and researchers about the different fields of oncology. These include medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, orthopaedic oncology as well as clinical and basic research.


  • President: Andrew Day
  • Vice president: Katelyn Mitchell
  • Secretary: Darin Busby
  • Treasurer: Chris Price
  • M4 representative: Josh Fowler
  • M3 representative: Amir Khadivi
  • M2 representative: Kelly Windham
  • M1 representative: Joe Pongetti

Advisor: Dr. Srinivasan Vijayakumar


Purpose: To increase the knowledge and understanding of the practice of ophthalmology for the interested medical student while providing opportunities to meet department faculty, residents, fellows, and other students interested in the field.


  • President: John Fitzpatrick
  • Vice president: Tony Tang
  • Secretary: Walker Robinson
  • Resident and faculty teaching award chair: Kristen Stephens
  • Ophthalmology guide co-chairs: Hannah Miller

Advisor: Dr. William Watkins

Orthopaedic Preparation Program

Purpose: The aim of this group is to help students gain a realistic perspective of the orthopaedic field early in their medical education. The Orthopaedic Preparation Program will provide a forum where students at UMMC can discuss topics relevant to the musculoskeletal system, obtain current information regarding orthopaedic residency programs, and to connect with mentors to gain advice on pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery.


  • President: Lee Sullivan
  • Vice president: Logan Wilson
  • Treasurer: Jacob Mercier
  • Secretary: Kelsey Hillhouse


  • Tara Kelly
  • Dr. Jim Hurt


Purpose: To expand awareness and interest among students about the field of pathology and encourage more students to consider pathology as a career; to allow interested students to make contacts with faculty and residents; and to raise awareness among students about the crucial role pathology plays in modern medical practice.

Advisor: Dr. William Daley

Patient PALS

Purpose: Patient PALS is a student led program set up for M1 and M2 students in cooperation with UMMC's Office of Patient Experience and Volunteer Services. Patient PALS allows M1 and M2 students to get personal one on one interactions with hospitalized patients in a non-medical aspect here at UMMC. This program not only gives medical students the opportunity to further develop their interpersonal skills but also allows patients to enjoy the company of someone who is not there solely to give them medical treatment.


  • President: Adam Goodman
  • Volunteer and schedule coordinators:
    • Reya Hayek
    • Camille Azar

Advisor: Amy Cottrell


Purpose: To provide interested medical students with a base understanding of the field of pediatrics as well as opportunities to assist Batson Children's Hospital.


  • President: Paige Rucker
  • Vice president: Caitlin Kutz
  • Secretary: Abby Matthews
  • Treasurer: Monica Nguyen
  • Batson liaisons:
    • Haley Hobart
    • Conner Sears
  • PIG roast chairs:
    • Abbie Joiner
    • Savannah Walker
  • Delegate to the American Academy of Pediatrics: Rohan Pareek
  • March of Dimes chair: Lena Kaur

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Crout

Peer Assisted Learning Society (PALS)

Purpose: To enhance the established curriculum through "near-peer" instruction and to establish a diverse community of role models who aim to participate in meaningful interactions that create a sense of community and belonging amongst students and educators.


  • President: Andrew Strachau
  • Vice president: Bethany Summerford
  • Secretary: J'undra Pegues
  • Treasurer: Kandice Bailey
  • Director for Pharmacology: Blake Littlejohn
  • Director for Human Anatomy: Seth Warren
  • Director for Microbiology: Jacob Pruett
  • Director for Liaison Board: Ross Straughan

Advisor: Andrew Notebaert

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Purpose: The aim of this group is to help students gain a realistic perspective of the plastic surgery field early in their medical education. The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group will provide a forum where students at UMMC can discuss topics relevant to the field of plastic surgery, obtain current information regarding plastic surgery residency programs, and to connect with mentors to gain advice on pursuing a career in plastic surgery.


  • President: Michael Dedwylder
  • Vice president: Blake Littlejohn
  • Secretary: Alex Rizk
  • Treasurer: Matthew Wahl
  • M1 representative: Conner Bancroft


  • Dr. Benjamin McIntyre
  • Ms. Theresa White

Psychiatry (PSIG)

Purpose: To nurture the psychiatric interests of our membership and to facilitate broader student education and understanding of psychiatry across campus.


  • President: Joseph Maxwell
  • Vice president: Lauren Deaver
  • Secretary: Perry Morgan
  • Treasurer: Sorsha Morris
  • Community service: Lakeshia Gibson
  • M3 representative: Moniqua Tillman
  • M2 representative: Jordan Rimes

Advisor: Dr. Sara Gleason

Pulmonary Medicine/Critical Care

Purpose: To help students explore pulmonology and critical care as potential fields of specialization. This will give students an opportunity to hear about the specialty and hear from physicians who have pursued careers in the field.


  • President: Tyler Sims
  • Vice president: Jackson Ross
  • M3 representatives:
    • William Crews
    • Caleb Zumbro
  • M2 representatives:
    • William Ross
    • Resham Rahat
  • M1 representative: J'undra Pegues

Advisor: Dr. Avani Mehta

Quality Improvement Student Interest Group (UMMC QISIG)

Purpose: An interprofessional chapter of the Cambridge Massachusetts Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). The purpose of our organization as an interprofessional chapter is to work towards advancing patient safety and quality improvement.


  • President: Andrew Strachan
  • Vice president: Kayla Bourgeois
  • Secretary: Katherine Jacome-Cluff
  • Director of projects:
    • Victoria Miller
    • Wendy Zheng
  • Director of education: Amanda Walker
  • Director of communications:
    • Jackson Browning
    • Mary O'Keefe
  • M4 class representatives:
    • Jonathan Glaze
    • Matthew Martin
  • M3 class representatives:
    • Bethany Summerford
    • Amir Khadivi
  • M2 class representatives:
    • Bobby May Jr.
    • Brock Richardson
  • M1 class representative:
    • Niki Patel
    • Kristen Roberts
  • D3 class representative: Reagan McNerney
  • P4 class representative: Neel Patel
  • P3 class representative: Erin Hoevelmann
  • SHRP class representative: Dylan Raines
  • Graduate Studies class representative: Edgar Meyer

Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Young

Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

Purpose: To foster interest, to educate, and to serve as a resource to those pursuing a career in the field of Radiology.


  • President: Charles Adcock
  • Vice president: Aaron Schwartz
  • M4 representatives:
    • Abdullah Shaheen
    • Rana Gordji
  • M3 representatives:
    • Kirby Parker
    • Candise Johnson
  • M2 representatives:
    • Niki Patel
    • Khalid Manzoul


  • Dr. Charlotte Taylor
  • Dr. Kathryn Nutter
  • Brandon Kelly

Reproductive Health Association

Purpose: To increase education, awareness, and open discussion regarding issues of reproductive health and to support those within the medical community who are working to ensure the availability of all reproductive health care services. We work to address all aspects of reproductive health and its intersections in society on reproductive justice and patient autonomy.


  • President: Shelley Rae Edwards
  • Vice president: Gabrielle Chamoun

Advisor: Audra Schaefer

School of Medicine Honor and Professional Council

Purpose: To foster the professional and ethical development of the students of the SOM and to ensure confidentiality, honesty, integrity, and respect towards others are upheld.


  • Co-chairs:
    • Peyton Reves
    • Helen Turner
  • Vice chair: Graham Husband

Advisor: Mitzi Norris

School of Medicine Wellness Committee

Purpose: To promote a holistic and integrated approach to wellness among medical students. These efforts include mental, spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical wellness. We want to encourage students to develop healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle that is sustainable in our future careers as physicians and inspirational to our future patients.


  • President: Sarah Brannan

Advisor: Dr. Danny Burgess

Sports Medicine Interest Group

Purpose: The aim of this group is to promote the field of sports medicine. The group will provide an array fo access to UMMC sports medicine physicians and opportunities from the management of sideline injuries, instruction of proper musculoskeletal physical exam maneuvers pertinent to sports injuries, and review of basic pathology, radiologic diagnostics, and treatment.


  • President: Thomas Ricks IV


  • Dr. Jon Dray Lee
  • Dr. Lauren O'Malley

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Purpose: To make medical students aware of opportunities available in the field of Neurology. To further neurological knowledge of medical students. To provide opportunities for medical students to participate in activities related to the field of Neurology including: discussions by Neurologists, patient presentations, seminars, journal clubs, learning materials, and arranged shadowing of Neurologists in the workplace.


  • President: Sean M. Duke
  • Vice president: Hardeep Uppal
  • Secretary: David S. Sandlin
  • Community service chair: Matthew McGuire

Advisor: Dr. Christa Nobleza

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Purpose: The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians.


  • President: Taylor Christian
  • Vice president: Darrius Williams
  • Secretary: Skiey Hardin
  • Treasurer: Ashley Brown
  • Pipeline coordinator: Jared Vaughan

Advisor: Lafreda Sias


Purpose: To foster an interest in surgery and to afford fellow students the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of surgeons. These professionals will be invited to share their insights with the group and to answer any questions during the allotted time period.


  • President: Jack Greggory Tharp
  • Representatives:
    • Brock Richardson
    • Sammy Thomas
    • Lexi Griffith
    • Blake Johns

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Moreman

Technology in Medicine (TIM)

Purpose: The Technology in Medicine Interest Group will provide UMMC medical students with a unique set of experiences and improved knowledge of emerging technologies which will affect their careers as practicing physicians.


  • President: Amir Khadivi
  • Vice president: Dustin Bihm
  • Treasurer: Brandon Busch
  • M2 representative: William A. Day
  • M3 representative: Stephen Amann
  • M4 representative: Joseph Maxwell

Advisor: Dr. Roy Duhe

UMMC Operation Smile Medical

Purpose: Operation Smile is the largest volunteer-based medical charity providing free cleft palate surgeries. This organization aims to provide students of various interests (including surgery, medicine, anesthesia, etc.) the opportunity to become directly involved in Operation Smile through fundraising, leadership opportunities, conferences, and mission trips. The organization's ultimate goal will be to provide cleft palate awareness and help fund cleft palate surgeries through fundraising.


  • Co-presidents:
    • Patrick Wood
    • Kelsey Bounds
  • Secretary: Annie Chu
  • Treasurer: Mike Dedwylder
  • Fundraising: Kyle Curtis

Advisor: Dr. Ian Hoppe

UMMC Pacemakers

Purpose: To establish a fun and rewarding experience for medical students to engage with the Jackson community. In doing so, this organization aims to bring runners together through competition and camaraderie in hopes of creating a healthy and enthusiastic atmosphere. We will strive to move Mississippi in a positive direction one step at a time!


  • President: Travis Fortin
  • Vice president: Jeremiah Reese
  • Secretary: Wisam Beauti
  • Treasurer: Dana Dillistone
  • M1 representative: Joe Pongetti
  • D1 representative: Jesse Austin

Advisor: Dr. Mike McMullan

UMMC Pride

Purpose: To promote a more welcoming and supportive environment at UMMC for LGBT students. To address health care disparities in the LGBT community through education initiatives and volunteerism. To foster the development of a social and support network for LGBT and allied students, faculty and staff through on- and off-campus activities and events.


  • President: Reid Black
  • Vice president: Gracie Hubacek

Advisor: Dr. Scott Rodgers


Purpose: To help students gain a better understanding of the field of urology and its various subspecialties and to provide insight from practicing physicians as well as current residents.


  • President: Clayton Newell


Wilderness Medicine

Purpose: To advance healthcare, research, and education related to wilderness and outdoor-related medicine.


  • President: Hannah Miller
  • Event coordinator: William Salaun
  • Secretary: Rose Joachim
  • Treasurer: Ruth Fowler
  • Community service coordinator: Jeremiah Reese
  • Fundraising coordinator: Sean Himel

Advisor: Dr. John McCarter