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Faith-Based Organizations

Catholic Student Association

Purpose: To provide Catholic and other faith-oriented students on campus a time and space weekly for religious reflections, discussions and prayerful experiences to fulfill their spiritual needs in accordance with the mind, body and soul aspects of the students of this institution.

  • Coordinators:
    • Edgar Meyer
    • John Henry Dasinger
    • Torey Krause
  • Advisors:
    • Dr. Paul Low
    • Father Matthew Simmons

Christian Medical and Dental Association

Purpose: Christian Medical & Dental Associations exist to glorify God by motivating, educating, and equipping Christian healthcare students and professionals .

  • Officers:
    • President: Will Buchanan
    • Treasurer: Preston Bell
  • Advisor: Dr. Ron Caloss

Faith Forum

  • Coordinator: Edgar R. Meyer
  • Advisor: Chaplain Doris Whitaker

Faith Seeking Understanding

Purpose: Faith Seeking Understanding aims to provide an intelligent, articulate, gracious, yet uncompromising Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today.

  • Officers:
    • Director: Paul "Russell" Roberts
    • Instructor: Subhi "Talal" Younes
  • Advisor: Dr. Michael McMullan

Muslim Students Association

Purpose: To provide a means for Muslims at UMMC to come together and fulfill their obligations to Islam. To create an environment on campus that will foster the development and growth of the diverse Muslim community at UMMC. To provide Muslims, to the best of our ability, with proper accommodations to fulfill religious obligations as well as accommodate and support Muslim students on campus. To sponsor programs and events that positively contribute to the development of Islam and Muslims on campus. This may include lectures, panel discussions, halaqas (Islamic discussion groups) as well as social events. To act as a resource to the whole campus community and represent Islam in the best possible manner. To actively engage both Muslims and non-Muslims in a portrayal of the message of Islam as completely and accurately as possible.

  • Officers:
    • President: Hamza Patel
    • Vice president: Karam Rahat
    • Treasurer: Muzamil Khawaja
    • Secretary: Gul Shaheen
    • Outreach chair: Abdullah Shaheen
  • Advisor: Dr. Tarif Bakdash