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James Rowlett, PhD

Psychiatry and Human Behavior
Office: TR305-01


  • BA – Morehead State University, psychology, 1988
  • PhD – University of Kentucky, psychology, 1993

Research interests

Our research programs fall into two general categories: (1) Mechanisms underlying drug abuse and dependence, particularly sedative-anxiolytic and stimulant addiction; and (2) cognitive processes as a consequence of aging and metabolic function. We study the pharmacological basis of drug abuse and cognitive processes using in vivo techniques, including self-administration and complex behavior controlled by touch-screen technology. Recently, we have initiated research on the cognitive/behavioral consequences of metabolic disease, including insulin regulation and inflammatory processes. A key component of our research programs is a focus on translational drug discovery, with a long-standing goal of providing important information for discovery and development of anti-addiction, anxiolytic, sleep-aid, and cognitive-enhancing medications.

Recent publications