Psychology Internship Training Program

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Diversity Training

The UMMC Psychology Internship Training Program is committed to training interns to be competent with regards to respecting individual and cultural differences and various dimensions of diversity. The program has a Diversity and Inclusion Training Oversight Committee (DITOC), which oversees diversity training provided to interns and faculty throughout the training year in the areas of clinical, research, and professional development activities.

The DITOC distributes diversity related information monthly to the training program and provides guidance to interns and supervisors about ways to discuss diversity related issues in clinical and research supervision meetings. Each training year the program’s DITOC organizes and facilitates Diversity Day, which provides training focused on specific issues pertaining to diversity to interns, faculty, and members of the UMMC Department of Psychiatry.

The Jackson metro area and Mississippi have a rich cultural history. Outside of the training program, there are a number of local community-based organizations promoting diversity. Additionally, there are a number of cultural events that occur throughout the year and numerous recreational opportunities available.