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cell-2.jpgWhere are they now? 

Here is what some of our graduates are doing since they've completed our program:

  • Ngoc Hoang, PhD., 2019. Postdoctoral Fellow, Hosler Lab, University of Mississippi Medical Center 
  • Sonja Dragojevic, PhD., 2019. Postdoctoral Fellow, Mayo Clinic, Rochester 
  • Marija Kuna, PhD, 2018. Postdoctoral fellow, Soares lab, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City 
  • Valeria Zai-Rose, PhD, 2018. Manager Scientist, Analytical and Formulation Development - Vaccine at Sanofi (Meriden, CT)
  • Robert Wright, PhD, 2018. Intrinsic property assessment - Biophysics Group, Janssen Biotherapeutics, Spring House, PA 
  • Fan Yang, PhD, 2018. Position unknown, China 
  • Aaron Poole, PhD, 2017. Internal Medicine Resident, UMMC 
  • Kristin Shirey Edwards, PhD, 2017. Assistant Professor, Cell and Molecular Biology, UMMC 
  • Isioma Enwerem, PhD, 2016. Postdoctoral Researcher, Haynes Lab, Emory University 
  • Thomas Flanagan, PhD, 2016. Postdoctoral Researcher in Charles Nichols lab, Louisiana State University Health and Science Center, New Orleans  
  • Pratirodh Koirala, PhD 2016.Sanofi, Lexington, MA 
  • Zunamys I. Carrero, PhD, 2016. Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Guardavaccaro, Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands 
  • Krishna Chauhan, PhD, 2015. Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Oregon, in Dr. Mu-Shui Dai 's lab, Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics 
  • Jianguo Huang, PhD, 2015. Postdoctoral Fellow at Duke University 
  • Ramesh Singh, PhD, 2015.Senior Scientist, Immunology/Cell Therapy at Interius Biotherapeutics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • Nanjiang Zhao, PhD, 2014. Research Scientist, System Biosciences 

Graduates who joined UMMC faculty

  • Maryam Syed, PhD, 2018.Assistant Professor, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Kristin Shirey Edwards, PhD, 2017. Assistant Professor, Cell and Molecular Biology, UMMC 
  • Hanna J. Broome, PhD, 2013. Assistant Professor, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology; Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences 
  • Daniel Lyons, PhD, 2013. House Officer, Pediatrics, Children's Hospital 
  • Leslie Robinson, PhD, 2013. Project Manager, Division of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Eric George, PhD, 2009. Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology
  • Gene Bidwell, PhD, 2007. Associate Professor, Department of Neurology
  • Barbara Alexander, PhD,1997. Professor, Department of Physiology
  • Bettye Sue Hennington, PhD, 1995. Professor, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Stanley Smith, PhD, 1995. Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology
  • David Brown, PhD, 1988. Professor, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology