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Welcome to the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program

cell-3.jpgThe graduate program in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology consists of independent study and research after completion of required course work.

During the first two years, students complete the general biochemistry course, advanced courses in biochemistry, and several advanced courses from other departments within the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

In the first year, students also take a course in laboratory techniques and complete laboratory rotations with several faculty in order to assist them in choosing a faculty thesis adviser. After the second academic year, students are normally finished with their course work and are required to take a written comprehensive exam. By the end of the third year, students will have taken oral exams that test their ability to develop and defend a research proposal.

Graduation is dependent on the satisfactory completion, written presentation and defense of an independent research project. In addition, each student must complete a manuscript that is accepted for publication in a respected peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Details about the requirements of the program can be found in the cell and molecular biology graduate student handbook.

For more information, contact Dr. Michael D. Hebert or call (601) 984-1510.

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