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Kristin Edwards, PhD

Kristin Edwards PhD

Assistant Professor


Dr. Edwards is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at UMMC. She received her BS degree in biology and chemistry from Jacksonville State University and a PhD in biochemistry from UMMC.

Her PhD research focused on the mechanisms by which the echinocandin group of antifungal drugs affect mitochondrial bioenergetics. Her postdoctoral research focused on the deficiency of the mitochondrial inner membrane protein, uncoupling protein 3, and its impairment of cardiac energetics and contractile recovery following ischemia and reperfusion. She has established protocols for isolating mitochondria from various tissues and measuring mitochondrial function, reactive oxygen species production, ATP production, and membrane potential. Her work has led to various awards, including the APS- Cardiovascular Section Research Recognition Award.

Dr. Edward’s current research focuses on the role of mitochondrial dysfunction associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in the comorbidities associated with IBD; and how mitochondrial targeted therapeutics are a beneficial treatment option for IBD and other human diseases.