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Analytical Ultracentrifuge

About us

The Analytical Ultracentrifuge Facility is a core facility in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology under the direction of Dr. John Correia.

These facilities and services are a resource for the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, UMMC collaborators from other departments and other educational and research institutions on a fee-for-service basis.

All collaborative or service work requires a detailed description of the requested study. Collaborative work assumes authorship on any papers that might arise from these studies. Fee-for-service work will be billed at approximately $100 for ancillary measures and start at $500 for a velocity run. These figures may vary depending upon additional work needed, time required to prepare, or request for extensive analyses, especially those that require programming.

The cost of maintaining the facility necessitates the need for cost recovery for all collaborative work. Thus each collaborator must agree to pursue funding for the work, either by direct billing for runs or in the form of an NIH subcontract agreement. All publications that result, for collaborative or service work, must reference the UMMC Analytical Ultracentrifuge Facility.


  • Beckman XLA Analytical Ultracentrifuge equipped with absorption optics
  • AVIV FDS system for fluorescence detection
  • Anton Paar DMA 5000 for density measurements
  • Anton Paar AMVm micro viscometer

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External collaboration

We welcome collaboration with external users. Contact us at (601) 984-1522 or email.