Applicant Evaluation and Decisions

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Admissions Executive Committee Deliberations

The authority to select applicants for admission to the School of Medicine (SOM) is vested in the Admissions Executive Committee (AEC). This committee is chaired by the associate dean for medical school admissions and composed of members of the basic science and clinical faculty and community representatives appointed by the dean of the school of medicine. No student may enroll for courses in the SOM, either as a regular full-time student or as a special part-time student, without being admitted by the committee.

The medical school AEC reviews the entire file for every interviewed applicant. AEC deliberations include a discussion of: where an applicant was raised and educated noting financial, educational and socioeconomic advantages and disadvantages; an applicant's life experiences and personal attributes including scores assigned by the Admissions File Review Committee; personal attributes reflected in the written application, performance on multiple mini interviews rated by members of the Admissions Interview Committee and faculty evaluations; and academic metrics including trends in GPAs and MCAT scores. Attention is given to applicants who in the opinion of the AEC best fulfill the mission and diversity interests of the SOM.

Selection of applicants is made on a competitive basis, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, gender, sexual orientation or veteran status. Qualified handicapped students will be considered in relation to the technical standards.

Decisions rendered

Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis; therefore, the sooner an applicant applies, the earlier his/her file will be reviewed and considered for interviews. If files are complete, applicants are discussed within two to three weeks of interviews and one of three decisions rendered: 1) acceptance; 2) decision postponed or 3) no position available for this year.

Applicants to the Early Decision Program will be notified as soon as a decision has been rendered; applicants to the Regular Decision and Combined MD/PhD programs will be notified starting Oct. 16 and thereafter as soon as a decision has been rendered. All applicants receive a final disposition of their application not later than March 15. Final notification will be one of the following: 1) acceptance; 2) placement on the alternate list; or 3) no position available for this year.

Alternates will be used to fill any vacancies that may occur if accepted applicants choose not to attend. Any applicant who does not gain acceptance is invited to schedule an appointment after Feb. 15 for post-application counseling on how to improve the competitiveness of their application should the applicant choose to subsequently reapply.

Conditional acceptance

Acceptance to this medical school is conditional. The Admissions Executive Committee may rescind an offer of acceptance at any time before matriculation if an applicant fails to maintain expectations upon which the acceptance was based. Examples include, but are not limited to, a significant decline in academic performance, failure to complete prerequisites or other course work and degrees in progress, patterns of unprofessional behavior and incidents discovered in a criminal background check.