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Self-Service Copying/Printing/Scanning 

UMMC faculty, staff and students may print to the Pharos Print Cloud. Two Pharos machines with copying, printing and scanning capabilities are located on the first floor of the library. Patrons may print from the desktop computers in the library or download printer drivers below to print from personal laptops.  

You must be successfully connected through UConnect Wi-Fi and have the printer driver installed in order to print from your laptop. 

Driver Installation Instructions (PDF): 

Driver Installation Links: 

If you have any problems, contact the DIS Help Desk at (601) 984-1145. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I print? 

Print jobs may be sent to the Pharos Print Cloud and released at any of the following Pharos printers.

  • Classroom Wing
    • 2nd Floor Lobby,CW214
  • Rowland Medical Library
    • 1st Floor
  • School of Dentistry
    • 5th Floor-Student Break Room, D408-A
  • School of Health Related Professions
    • 1st Floor-SH193, SH195
  • School of Medicine
    • Basement-Student Lounge, SM005-A
    • 2nd Floor-Student Mail Room, SM222
  • Old Hospital Basement
    • Student Lounge, N037 (Across from Printing)

How do I print?

Select the “Wireless Cloud” under print options on your computer. Enter your username (without @umc) when prompted. 

Select the “Pharos Printing” icon on the printer’s display.  Scan your UMMC ID when prompted. You may manually login if you do not have your badge. 

You must release your documents within 30 minutes of sending your request to the Pharos Print Cloud. After 30 minutes, your documents will be deleted from the queue. 

Can I print on other personal devices besides a laptop?  

No, printing is available on library desktops and personal laptops only. 

Can I print on two sides (duplex)? 

Yes, there is a charge for each side. If printing in the library, assistance is available at the Access Services desk during staffed library hours. 

Can I also scan and make copies? 

Yes, you may also scan and make copies on the printers located in the Library and School of Medicine. Select either the “Copy” or “Scan” icon. Scan your UMMC ID when prompted. You may manually login if you do not have your badge. Make sure you log off after you have finished to avoid unauthorized use of your account. Please note that the machines in the Student Lounge and Classroom wing only have printing capabilities. 

There are also two Toshiba e-Studio 3508a photocopiers in the library that accept cash only. Copies are $0.10 per page. Limited change is available at the Access Services desk during staffed hours. One photocopier is located near the Collaborative Learning Center on the first floor and the other is located just past the first bank of student study carrels on the second floor of the library.  

How do I pay for copying, printing and scanning? 

The cost is $0.10 per page. Faculty and staff members may add funds to print at the Access Service desk during staffed hours. 

I am a full-time student. What if the $50.00 is not showing up on my account at the beginning of the academic year? 

If you scanned your ID and printed in the previous academic year and you see a “left over” account balance from last year, go to the Access Services desk and request a reset to $50.00. 

If you held a job at UMMC over the summer or prior to your enrollment as a student, your $50.00 may not automatically be reflected on your account. Please see the Access Services desk staff for assistance. 

Help! I’m locked out. 

If you are locked out, contact the DIS Help Desk at (601) 984-1145. ONLY DIS can help unlock your account; the library cannot unlock accounts. 

Printer problems? 

Contact the DIS Help Desk at (601) 984-1145. Library staff at the Access Services desk may be able to provide some assistance with printers in the Library. If they cannot solve the problem, they will help you find additional assistance.