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Lower Extremities

The team of pediatric orthopaedists at Children's of Mississippi, a part of University of Mississippi Medical Center, includes several physicians specialized in pediatric limb disorders and conditions, including Blount’s disease, a growth disorder that affects the bones in the lower leg. The pediatric care team offers treatment for musculoskeletal problems ranging from the common to the complex.

Conditions we treat

  • Clubfoot
    Pediatric orthopaedists at Children's of Mississippi provide treatment options that include physical therapy, special casting and splinting, and surgery.
  • Blount's disease
    Our pediatric specialists include a surgeon experienced with Blount’s disease, a growth disorder that affects the bones in the lower leg, causing them to curve out. Treatment options may include braces and/or surgery. Our pediatric orthopaedic care team also offers comprehensive care for other disorders affecting leg bones, including, but not limited to, tibial torsion and femoral anteversion.
  • Knee problems
    Knee inflammation and injury, whether due to a sport injury or overuse, can be treated at Children's of Mississippi. Our orthopaedists help children get back into action by providing age-appropriate treatment options including medication, rehabilitation, and surgery.
  • Developmental dysplasia
    Our pediatric orthopaedists are experienced with many age-appropriate treatment options for malformed or loose hip-and-thigh joints.
  • Fractures
    Children's bones continue to develop into adulthood. Our pediatric orthopaedists understand that children aren't just miniature adults and give them the special care growing bones need to heal properly.
  • Bone infections (osteomyelitis)
    If a child's bone becomes infected, orthopaedic specialists at Children's of Mississippi are backed by the state's only academic medical center.