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Children's Heart Center Services

Children’s Heart Center, the only program of its kind in Mississippi, provides cardiovascular specialty care for pediatric patients of all ages, fetal to adolescent. Our nationally recognized team treats patients with congenital heart defects, heart diseases, and arrhythmias. As part of the state’s only academic medical center, we are equipped for the most complex cardiac cases.

Diagnostic and interventional cardiology and electrophysiology procedures


  • EKG, Holter monitor, event monitors, exercise stress testing, and tilt testing and programming
  • Electrophysiology testing, catheter ablation with radio frequency and cryoablation
  • Pacemaker and AICD evaluation, implantation, and programming


  • Cardiac CT with advanced 3D resolution
  • Cardiac MRI


  • Percutaneous pulmonary valve placement
  • Balloon dilation of all valves and arteries/veins
  • Stents
  • Catheter and hybrid device closure of ASD, VSD, and PDA

Echocardiogram (all aspects)

  • 3-D echo
  • Fetal echo and counseling for prenatal diagnosis
  • Intracardiac echo
  • Transesophageal echo
  • Transthoracic echo

Cardiothoracic surgical procedures

Our team provides the state’s only programs for pediatric and adult congenital heart conditions. We provide surgical interventions for children of all ages, newborn to adolescent.

Heart transplant

Cardiopulmonary bypass procedures

  • Aortic arch repair
  • Arterial switch operation
  • Bidirectional Glenn
  • Pulmonary conduit operations
  • Fontan procedure
  • Hybrid stenting (arteries and veins)
  • Minimally invasive axillary thoracotomy ASD, VSD, and partial AV canal repair
  • Norwood procedure
  • Pulmonary venous anomaly repair
  • Rastelli procedure
  • Right ventricular outflow tract procedure
  • Ross procedure
  • Septal defect repair (ventricular and atrial)
  • Tetralogy of Fallot repair
  • Truncus arteriosus repair
  • Valve replacement (aortic, mitral, pulmonary, tricuspid)
  • Valve repair (aortic, mitral, pulmonary, tricuspid)

Cardiopulmonary non-bypass procedures

  • Aortic coarctation repair
  • Blalock-Taussig shunt
  • Pacemaker revision
  • PDA ligation
  • Pulmonary artery band
  • Ravitch (pectus excavatum/carinatum repair)
  • Vascular ring repair

Cardiovascular support services

Pediatric cardiac intensive care unit (PCICU)

Board-certified specialists in pediatric critical care lead a multidisciplinary team on this 16-bed unit. Team members include physicians, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, social workers, and staff with the congenital heart surgery team. A physician is on site 24/7.


Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) helps seriously ill infants, children, and adolescents with cardiac and pulmonary diseases maintain essential oxygenation. Our program is Mississippi’s only site for this life-saving technique.