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Children’s Optical Services: Glasses, Contacts and Low Vision Services

Kid-friendly eyewear

At Children’s, we provide kid-friendly optical services for all children, infants to adolescents. We use state-of-the-art technology to make eyewear for children, with expertise in helping kids who need specialized lenses that can be tricky to fit.

If you need help choosing glasses for your child, our experienced team can guide you. We assist many parents select and customize lenses and frames for their children that provide protection, comfort, and clarity.    

  • Frames: We carry an assortment of budget-friendly, stylish, and durable frames designed specifically for children. The frames are sized to fit a child’s face.
  • Lenses: Impact resistant, ultra-violet protection, ultra-light, ultra-thin, photo chromatic and anti-reflective treatments are just a few of the most popular lens options we offer. 
  • Contact lenses: We fit all FDA-approved contact lenses. We also specialize in “difficult-to-fit” eyes that call for specially designed lenses.

We love teaching children, and we will make sure your child understands the right way to care for the eyewear you’ve selected.

Low vision services

Our low vision services help children who have been diagnosed with abnormal eye conditions or visual handicaps. We will refer you to providers who can provide specialized training to help your child use techniques and tools, such as magnifying glasses, to see and function at the best possible level.